PES 2017 Gameplay By Parham.8 (Version 3 Ultimate)


Version 3 Changelog:

Heavy Ball (optional)
Better Penalty shoots (lower ball speed)
More CPU tackles & fouls
More CPU dribbling
More CPU attacks
Better CPU defending


How to install: backup the original dt18_win file then replace it with my gameplay file in data folder.

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  1. Legacy is my newest gameplay. This one is a different gameplay. I like legacy. But some of you may like version 3. Try them :)

    • I can but, how about you train more? You know i’m talking about habbits. If you build your skills on a easy gameplay, you will never become a pro. Train hard with hard gameplays to become the best in pes and defeat everyone ;)

  2. May i ask, if you already had a look at the freekicks? Maybe you find any parameters, which can improve the direct freekicks.

  3. When you play superstar mode against CPU (even with Konami gameplay) the CPU seems to manipulate defenders to ignore striker runs or clearances to allow them score easily, you see even goalkeepers fumbling and players static even causing own goals, I don’t know whether I’m the only one who has noticed this and can you do something about it?

  4. Parham, mate, if am looking for more tough experience with more fouls and better referees in this matter which one of urs gamplay version would u recommend?

  5. great gameplay parham. but can you make is more harder or i thing hardest.. ??i play master league no one can beat in level superstar.

  6. this is awesome! hey parham. can you make more penalties? normal fouls is fine, but there very few penalty fouls
    i think players should get more fall down and tackle accuracy need some work (make lower). sorry for my english :/