DpFileList Generator v1.8 by Baris For DLC 2.0

Download DpFileList Generator Update 1.8 DP2

– Generate automatically DpFileList.bin with maximum of 32 CPKs
– Select needed cpk-files
– Sort selected cpk-Files (if needed) via Drag&Drop
– Read already existing DpFileList.bin
– [NEW] Updated GUI; window resizing is now possible (as requested long time ago)

.rar: Download v1.8 + DLC 2.0: http://adf.ly/1g4F0H

1) Choose your “download”-folder (or any folder that contains .cpk-files)
Optional: 1.1) select already existing DpFileList.bin to preselect already used CPKs
2) Select cpk-files which should be in the DpFileList.bin
3) Sort the selected cpk-files (if needed) via drag and drop
4) Generate DpFileList.bin (your current DpFileList.bin will be backed up (DpFileList.bin.BACKUP))

You need at least Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 to run this tool.

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  1. Can anyone tell if with this new version, is it possible to play online in Myclub with any crowd disabler or mod in which there is no crowd?. Thanks in advance.

  2. I generated. but the data pack version still 1.00. please help ! or can you provide data pack 2.0 download link as well?


  3. sorry but doesnt works. I try to change internal codes from excel and nothing to do.. We’ll wait for a new and better version

  4. Please post the link it sepretely Because adf.ly is blocked in our Country.Thank you.

    // use a free VPN to unblock adf site or any blocked site.

  5. i just installed the game and and didnt download any data pack, so i dont have a dpfilelist.bin file in download folder , how to get it

  6. Hi, i have patch 2.0 and 2.1 of PTEPACTCH and with the new update dlc 2.0 the patch is over… I used this program (DpFileList + 2.0) and the game finally no play…. Why? Sorry the english.

  7. IF I want to regenerate more than 32 cpks what should i do? i have installed the PTE patch and then some cpks but i have more cpks to regenerate what should i do? kindly reply

  8. i have installed the pte patch 3.1 and i also add some cpks in the download and then regenerated them by dp file list regenerator now my files are exceeding than 32 what should i do to regenerate more than 32 cpk files i want to know it completely please help me please

  9. Guys i need help iv genrate dpfile list to datcka pack 2.0
    But it wasnt entre to the match it block when players be ready for bginin

  10. Hey, Hi.

    I just installed a new patch, called Ukrainean League, but i want to install tattoo pack, and i use generator, and they install tattoo pack in original game, but i need in patched game, how can repair.