Patch 2017 v1.00 Released 12.10.2016

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 1.00

– Full Bundesliga with correct Kits and squad added
– The 5 missing CL Teams (Rostov, Copenhagen, Celtic, Ludogorets, Legia) with correct Kits and squad added
– New 16/17 kits for all european teams
– Many new third kits added
– Latest live update implemented
– About 1400 new or updated faces added
– Fake players in Brasileiro Série A corrected and transfers updated
– Correct international starters
– New switch (Gameplay switch, Faces switch, Controller switch, SweetFX switch, Visual packs switch, DPFilelist editor completely reworked)
– Stadium pack added (40 stadiums in total)
– Ballpack added
– Adboardpack added

– All fake teams corrected with correct names and logos
– Full Bundesliga with correct Kits and squad added
– The 5 missing CL Teams (Rostov, Copenhagen, Celtic, Ludogorets, Legia) with correct Kits and squad added
– New 16/17 kits for all european teams and all national teams
– Many new third kits added
– About 1400 new or updated faces added
– Fake players in Brasileiro Série A corrected and transfers updated
– Correct international starters
– New switch (Gameplay switch, Faces switch, Controller switch, SweetFX switch, Visual packs switch, DPFilelist editor completely reworked)
– Stadium pack added (40 stadiums in total)
– Ballpack added
– Adboardpack added
– Fake players of the national teams corrected

mega zippyshare

No previous version needed, this is All-In-One.

Patchteam: Hajnal30, Borusse92, PantelG7 and Volun.

Credits: See credits.txt inside download​.


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    • We have a switch option with that you can activate Faces that replace Konami faces. Here you would get a new face for Cristiano Ronaldo.

  1. OMG this destroys PTE lol. they say they take care every little detail and they even haven’t champions badge for leicester lol. great job galaxy team seems like this year you will be the best patch and you deliver so quick. thanks again and the next step will be to complete all europa league teams but i know this will take much time. cheers!!!

      • it took you 1 month to make a patch with even less content than galaxy 0.50 which released 4 days after game release lol! and now they release a 8g patch which looks great and has not only quantity but quality also! pte wants another month or even more to release a proper patch and one of you said that this year you will release only standard versions and not much updates through the year. i used pte last year and it was good but right now it looks like galaxy team are the kings!!!

        • Well….

          – THE CHAMPIONSHIP KITS FROM PesGalaxy are from……last year
          – THE SERIE B KITS FROM PesGalaxy are from……last year
          – THE LIGA NOS KITS FROM PesGalaxy are from……last year
          – THE EPL KITS FROM PesGalaxy have a lot of incorrect collar models
          – THE BUNDESLIGA KITS FROM PesGalaxy have a lot of incorrect collar models (look at the Hertha, Hoffenheim, wolfsburg kits in the image above, ahahahahah)
          – No real fonts for La Liga teams, some are completly incorrect with wrong colors, above sponsors ahahah)
          – No real call-names for La Liga teams like PTE
          – National teams kits with more than 7 years (from PESEDIT)!!!!!

          Well…..its better wait one more month for PTE and have all correct !!!

          • Kits are correct in this version. As well as the Bundesliga collars. I made the previews a few days ago when the collars weren’t fixed.

    • lol galaxi0.51 is better than pte 1.00
      you must be joking right
      in pte we care about the quality an not the quantity bro 8gb lol
      the next update of pte will be soon you see

      • man for us,the players,its for the best to have 2-3 very good patches to choose from and for you modders to have strong competition with your ‘opponents’ because you can evolve this i hope that the new pte will be very good also and when you release it we can try it and then decide.i dont have a contract with galaxy or something,if i like pte more im gonna play with pte simple as that.just dont make another month to release it..and if you plan to put a stadiumpack please dont put with estarlensilva pitch lines because they look super bad.last year i remember pte had good stadiums with good lines so remember it. ADIOS..

        • man the patch is great and the faces also, let them say they propably didnt even try it…only thing i dislike is these big ugly pitch there a way to keep estarlen stadiums but with nikoliberty pitch?he has very good lines and not unrealistic big like estarlens.for now i replaced with niko’s cpk but unfortunately he has only 22 stadiums.if its possible insert the option to keep 40 estarlen stadiums but without his pitch because now its all in one cpk and we cant change pitch with his stadiums.keep up the good work the patch is very nice!!!

  2. I have a it compatible with online playing?Will I be able to play myClub divisions for example if I install this patch?

  3. about player stats, i have to use Patch 2017 0.51 by RMB or just use galaxy patch 1.00.
    and please in future can you add great your own team like pte patch do with pet 2016.

  4. Can’t wait to try it, it’s a shame you hosted it on these particular sites who keep on trying to make you upgrade – constantly – and where it takes a week and a half to download

    • what hosters would you prefer?
      From our experience Mega and Zippyshare are very fast and user friendly (no limited downloads per day). Share-Online is a hoster that has many premium users in the gaming community, so if someone has an premium account he can download it from there.

      If you got a better Hoster we would be happy to include it as well to the next patch upload :)

  5. I have it up and running but there are some issues

    All the kits seem to be the defualt ones
    All the added teams have default logos too
    and some have ‘dummy’ players
    no new stadiums or balls or faces that i can find

    what happened?

    • I would like to know that too.
      It is just stated that you don’t need to install 0.51 before this patch, but do I have to uninstall it first? (respectively reset the steam game to unpatched…)


  7. I installed this patch but I had a problem with turf of all stadiums – they have same dard green turf :( . Can you help to fix it for me ? Tks you in advance.

  8. Thanks for your great work! To facilitate things for everybody: you can use mega downloader to download all links at the same time. Then, go through the installation process as it is described in the patch files. It will take a while, but you have no problems. The only thing I detected is that you cannot choose pesredux mod for pitch with the pack of stadiums. I will test the game later!!! Thanks for this great patch!!!

  9. guys patch is great but these estarlensilva lines are destroying it visually! they look TOO BIG! and very very white and ok i can stand the white but i cant stand this unrealistic big size!players look like dwarfs next to them! how can he make such good work creating all those stadiums and then ruin it with these UGLY LINES!! nikoliberty patch has very good pitch and lines but he has only 5 stadiums. is there a way to keep estarlen 40 stadiums but without his pitch and put nikoliberty pitch instead?for now i’ll remove stadium.cpk and put niko’s but if theres a way to have 40 stadium but with niko’s pitch please answer me… dont you too guys think that estarlens lines are very bad?

  10. Lewandowki is still dummy and can’t be edited.Bayern an Poland are unplayable without key player.You must really unlike him.Third version of patch and still the only one dummy player.

    • I had this when I manipulated my graphic card settings via the Catalyst centre (the tool you have when you use AMD cards…) Did you change something there?

  11. Thanks alot for this hard and great work

    please what about ( Free sider selector tool) its available in this great patch

    thanks guys

  12. ««The names of all the teams still wrong, the German league still fake, to install the packs gives me error in the end, says the Visual.cpk file can not read the image still finished the premises of three packs, the rest all works . I wonder what I’m doing wrong ?? always ran me well previous installations rong»»

  13. I DOWNLOAD YOUR PATCH AND IS PERFECT THANKS A LOT. can you please add in patch players like maradona eusebio tzof and other classic players, and if not whee i can find a patch like this?

  14. Nice work, boys! Keep it up.

    I like the Nvidia SweetfX. Natural HD 1080p by Donyavia is pretty good, too.

    I noticed some fields are white, though. With some of the other visual packs.

  15. Hey i have this big white lines, they are hd, but they hurt my eyes, every stadium, i cant turn this off anywhere, it cant be turned off back to normal lines? also pes started to lag, i had ver 0.51 before, and everything was ok, had to turn off vertical synchronization in nvidia panel as i remember before to stop lags, but now nothing helps :(((

  16. BUGS i saw:
    – Celta second kit crashes the game. Exhibition mode and edit mode.
    -I play ML and in Europa League Wolfsburg GK Kits are all white, no name no numbers.

  17. bug report:

    S. RONDON of West Brom has his hair floating two foot above his head

  18. You know… Your patch is currently the best patch for PES2017… But i think something you need to change… I’ll put it in list…
    1. There are different between puma kit and other kit… For example, arsenal and dortmund have fit kit… So you should edit all other puma kit just like that… Reset the kit…
    2. No need to change original faces that created by konami… Only a few need to be change like Henderson, R.Firmino, H.M. Son and Depay… Because they look like not updated… H.M. Son have black hair nowadays… Firmino have long hair… Last season your patch change the face of De Gea, Origi, Kroos and more… But the original face by konami is much better than the updated one… So no need to change a lot of original face by konami…
    3. Real Font and Number for player kit in all league and champions league…
    4. Managers name and face for all team…
    That is all for now… Hope to see all that in next update…

    • What about Keylor Navas, Messi, Ramos, Marcelo, Carvajal, Fabregas and many many more? They Are all from PES2014.
      If you dont like it you can disable them via switch

  19. לכל הישראלים פה לא כדאי להוריד את זה.
    זה מחליף את הפנים המקוריות של הפרו שהשנה ממש השקיעו גם בקבוצות קטנות יותר.
    הפאץ’ הזה לא יביא לכם פנים יותר מציאותיות

    • לאחר בירור מסתבר שניתן לבחור אם להחליף את הפנים בפנים חדשות או לא. אם ככה מומלץ להוריד

  20. I do not understand why change the original face of Konami. Even in small teams in Europe graphics of a good Face. I do not intend to download the patch, which destroys graphics and realities of the game.

    • Small teams in Europe have no faces by Konami. In Ligue 2, La Liga 2, Serie B and Liga nos (except Porto, Benfica and Sporting) there are like none faces.
      If you don’t like it change it with the switch.

  21. I installed the patch, but the PESGalaxySwitch not found in the folder. After searching I found PESGalaxySwitch computer and I want to get into the game it seems “not found”. The PESGalaxySwitch is alleged folder but do not see it

  22. I can’t understand. I have Bundesliga and correct team names, but players are fake. Also there is FC Rostov in Bundesliga. National team Ukraine has fake players… What did I do wrong? Maybe I have to delete option file?

  23. Hello,
    (sorry for my bad english)
    first of all, great great job. Best patch so far. I really enjoyed the game, thanks to you, guys
    could you tell me how can i edit your kits.cpk file ?
    i tried to change a kit with file manager, it doesn’t seem to work
    thank you

  24. I have installed the patch. I also have Bundesliga and correct team names, but players are fake. Don’t know why! I turned off live updates! PLZ help!

  25. Do I have delete the old option file in the documents/Konami? if some one have option file with the right budesliga team , could you send to me? Thanks! Try to install a few times and result the same even i reinstall the PES!

  26. One of the best patches I’ve ever tried on PES 2016 and PES 2017. Lots of faces, stadiums and other features. Would like more faces for French ligue 1 and free players to improve Master League experience. Well done anyway guys!

    • Same here, the controller switch is not the ps4 pad in place of the 360 pad? If it’s that so it’s not working. If it’s something else so.. My bad..

  27. The patch itself is great but the pitch used is horrible. I mean I had to uninstall this patch just cuz of how horrible the pitch looked. Oversaturated with huge lines. Thats unacceptable since the real action is on the pitch itself. I am not being ungrateful, just want the developer to know that he should get rid of this pitch and incorporate another one in his/her patch, the next time around.

  28. Reinstalled game fresh – installed Patch 1.0 – ran it and get this – Unable to initialise SteamAPI . Why ? the Steam API would have been part of the reinstallment of the game. What do I need to do to get it to work – Thanks.

  29. So here’s my problem. Installed it, it’s all great! Except one thing. I used to get 60 fps, and now when i’ve installed Galaxy, i get 40 fps (capped). I’ve removed ads, stadiums, faces and just tried to leave kits and logos and the problem persists. Anyone able to help with this please?

  30. Hi, first of all I want to say thank you for the patch, its really good.
    Now i’ll resume some of the bugs i found.

    Estadio do Dragao – Porto is really good, but i can’t see the superior parts of the stadium. Maybe it’s a bug of my game, i don’t know. Please, someone try to play a game in estadio do dragao and see if its everything ok.

    Then im gonna talk about FC Porto first kit. The front of the kit is perfect, but there’s a few things bad on the back. In the official kit numbers are red, not white, and the player name is on the top, not on the bottom of the shirt.

    Thank you very much guys!

  31. I was getting some funny error while online and couldn’t connect to any match rooms.
    I uninstalled it and i could connect again.
    It could be me doing some thing wrong but i was playing ML with the patch just fine.
    Only online i had issues

  32. Hi, why my switch cant use ? its said ‘you need a new app for this steam’ . and the field or stadium still bug . it have no line , its like a hockey field . Please help me

  33. When i try to install 1.00 patch setup doesn t open and the folder just keep blocked .
    When i try to test 0.50 , it works , but at 1.00 same problem again and again and i can’t install ..

  34. Lo instale todo y despues me salio esto cuando intento jugar: “necesitas una aplicacion nueva para abrir este steam” TIENDA DE WINDOWS… Ayúdenme!!!

  35. hey buddy thx for the patch but can you please add russian premier league or atleast the top teams spartak,rostov,zenit,krasnodar in the next patch? im missing them ;(

  36. Hola,

    Thank you so much for your hard work. just a question. is Hercules CF Alicante included in this patch? Spanish Liga Adelante



    // it’s corrupt because you didn’t download completely. it works for others…