PES17 readySet License Patch v1.0.2 by Laim

Download PES2017 readySet License Patch Update 1.0.2

– All current missing uniforms for national and european club teams
– Real names, emblems for all teams & competitions
– Some small improvements for better atmosphere
– All licensed teams will remain original
– DLC 1.00 is included

mediafire zippyshare

Password: giveit

Some current updates are possible.
So you can time to time check the download page via link at the top.
All additional information is available the same place.

How to:
1. Put “Data” and “Download” folders into the main game folder.
(“Data” folder contains all-sufficient patch. “Download” folder contains DLC)


2. If you can’t for some reasons to use Live Update to get current squads, put EDIT00000000 file into the your “save” folder.
..\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save


By the way, you can use any updated OPTION file you want to.

Big gratitude to everyone, whose work has helped in the creation of the patch, whose work helps the community to get more pleasure from the game. Again and again.
Thank YOU!

Big enough. Was reworked a lot of kits, logos, some boots, gloves, balls… improved overall visual component.

Some minor updates or addons are possible.

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  1. just one quick question – if i have already installed patch/dlc do i need to copy download folder? and data.cpk – what is this, what is included in it, do i really need it, or just data folder copied to my game is enough to work properly.

  2. Problem with legends!
    If i start a new ML offline there are some legend in the “non squad” filter. Please solve it

  3. 1) When i start a skill training or i try to acces the Help submenu, the game crashes. This must be fixed.
    2) It always gives me the same error when trying to connect: FDDN532. I tried everything i found on the net, so far, so if somebody got an idea, type it here.

  4. Thank you! Strong, beautiful idea. Excellent work! like it. change team name, logo. all is unlocked. Thank you! I like to make my team ;)

    • Thanks for the reply!
      I tried that fix but the problem is still there.
      I’m at the point where i go to next season when i forward time, more precisely. So i don’t have any other option to skip this problem.
      Hope someone will come with a fix, though.