PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017 FULL v4.0 by Cristiano92

Download PES2017 PS4 DFL OF 2017 All In One version 4.0 by Cristiano92
OF DFL 2017 PS4


YOU ONLY NEED 4.0! File size: 575.78 MB




(- If you’re new extract the AllInOne Zip and drag the folder in WEPES)
– Decide if you want Liga MX or a mix of latin american teams, drag the folder in WEPES
– Decide if you want J-League or not, drag it in WEPES or not
– Drag “WEPES” to your usb drive (needs to be formated in FAT32 or exFat, not NTFS)
– In editor go to data management, import, import teams, select 15-20 (select all with the same prefix ENG1, GER1 …) exports and cross “Apply Player and Squad Data”
– save everything and import the next 15-20 exports
– you have to import the competition logos yourself and add them, also change the name of the leagues

I recommend the following:
DELETE all images except Competition then do the Live Update in PES main menu and overwrite your edit data.

Use the ALL IN ONE in my Download (drag the folder to WEPES, instructions below)
Then import all team files (15-20 at a time, they have prefixes now)

I think this is the safest, and cleanest way.
If you still have “created players” after that you can delete them ALL.


How To Import Competitions Emblems Video:
They are in DFL OF 2017 V4 / WEPES / COMPETITION folder (all 47 + NAMES.png)

Known Issues:

If the game crashes on a specific team try importing it seperately.

If you have “._koln.bin” like files DONT IMPORT THEM, it’s a common issue when using a mac.

In Friendly Mode always deactivate Live Update (R3) or you can not use correct squads.

If you want to play with a friend offline, do not switch turn the 2.controller on before team selection.

If the game tells you there are not enough players in the teams: Go to “Created Players” Section and delete every player listed as free agent with Triangle.

– Bundesliga Creation Thread Faces
– erzo77 exports
– MLS base by r8cha
– valencia5 for latin and european teams
– Team Export Share Thread
– angeltorero europe nt exports
– Kits by angeltorero and 4N63L/SelfBias, CarrascoLive1
– Paul2478 for some Stats, PSD for some stats
– PESWorld, glen the magpie
– nemanjabre
– jch33
– swoosh1964
– djdaymos
– blueboy


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  1. Where are these Teams?
    Sion, Lucerne, Grasshopper Zürich, Austia Wien…Heart aren’t in the game just the kits and emblem. Otherwise really good

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for your job!
    However, I could notice that there are many kits in 2048×2048 size.
    I’m sorry to inform you that it doesn’t work given that there is a limited number of kits images you can import.
    Size should be 1024×1024 and all kits will fit easily.
    Waiting for your answer (solution), I wish you a good night!
    Best regards!

  3. hi everytime i click download it sends me to and it doesnt let me download it. any suggestions? i am using mozilla firefox

  4. I have some problème with Bayern face when I play Exhibition match (Xavi Alonson has black face, Lewandowski has blond haïr). I try to switch Off Live Update (R3) . Always that problem. I dont have this problem on Édit Mode (Players).

  5. Come on man …
    again we should receive this update and update all the teams data ?!
    it’s so hard to import .bin files !
    Please update your pack for those who have the latest patches .

  6. Hi,

    I don’t have any Version. My Question is: do i Need 2.5 Version absolutley to ugrade the game? Can i download 4.0 direct?

    thanks 4 help

  7. In 4.0 the Youngboys Bern and Krasnodar bin aren’t good, they don’t import all the kits (no kits for YBB and only home kit for Krasnodar). Can you fix them please ?

  8. Did not use previous versions before. Just started directly with v4.0. However, there are not Premier League and Championship Kits? Do I have to use older patch versions, additonally?

  9. Una pregunta si elijo combinación de equipos latinos se instala en equipos latinos??? Y la liga mls donde se instala en pla? Están todos los kits a 1024?felicidades por el trabajo

  10. Cristiano please that in the next patch put Hajduk Split! This is a great club glorious past! You’re doing a superb job;) greetings from Croatian

  11. I’m missing an team emblem for Athletic Bilbao. I tried to import Bilbao twice but the team emblem is missing. Shirt, team, stadium etc. is ok!

    Otherwise: Excellent job!!!

  12. hmmm MLS leauge is in other latina, you need manualy switch team, Cristiano can you fix this issue😉If you take other latina teams from patch they swich with this from MLS and you still have fake team in your game😒

  13. Plz Help ! !
    Why When There’s Two Players The Emblems not Supported and Error Message Show?!
    Plz If You Have Any Idea To Fix This…….

    • hi man! I had is same problem but i did! Just you loging in the number 2 controller in another ps acount! if had for you another ps account you made! when you are ready just sing in the new sony account in number two controller and working the emblems and everything!

      have a nice day

  14. Every time I download this (4 times, different days) it’s corrupt. Tried extracting with 7zip and Winrar. Anyone have a working link?

  15. Hello. Thank for the job.
    Il have one problem. The mls team or mexican teams are correct in editor but when i’ll play with them, There are fake players.
    What can i do ?

  16. I am new to pes do i have to download the version 1.0 first in order for me to download rest of the files? or i can go ahead and start off with version 2.0

  17. “Decide if you want Liga MX or a mix of latin american teams”
    i cant put the two of them? i have to choose one of them?

    thnks, great option file :)

  18. There are two option files like (la liga) and (la liga 1024 BIN), which one should I choose? And what is the difference?

  19. if i do the live update after puting the option file, what will append? can i do the live update after this patch???

  20. Can please anyone tell me if i have 3.0 do i need to patch it to 3.1 and 3.2 or can i just put on 4.0 and play? Thanks a lot

  21. Hi, i did everything you said but it didnt work. the kits are there but the logos of the teams and the teams imported just bunched together and werent organised. basically nothing apart from the kits worked. any suggestions?

      • Delete all images???? So all of the emblems, kits etc. won’t be shown in the game! In fact, everything will be reset to the first condition which it had after the game installation I think.

        // no, you just make room for images to add with this all in one option file.

  22. when i play exhibition match, the squads are all updated..but when i play ML/BAL, eventho the kits/emblems are correct, the squads seems to be not updated.. any way to fix this ?

  23. I have a problem … for example I have Panatinaikos in bundesliga and Borrusia in other european teams.. how to fix this ? This bug concerns a few teams from bundesliga…

  24. I cannot import the files on December 12/16/16. I did a clean install (disc version), did all updates and the live update. But when I start to import, it stops at the first national team (first team in import list)

  25. I installed everything like you explained in the video.
    The english teams are incorrect..
    Do i have to install the other patches too? Because you wrote above that you only need this one file.

    Thank you

  26. fantastic job! many thanks! which program did you use? I would change one team to my hometown team and it should be easier with the computer than the ps4…

  27. after doind update from v2 to 4v,
    its not concting to the pes server,and cant login
    ,”please check the config of your nwtwork dvice code:fddn563″
    what i need to do????????