PES 2017 Option File PC by Sonjiru Updated 03.10 ’16

General Features:

Correct Teamnames
Correct Logos
Correct Names for all Nationalplayers
Correct names for Classic Teams
Correct Bundesliga
Ingame Kits for Bundesliga
Correct Brazilian League (Special thanks to mckagan22)

Bundesliga PES2017 Option File by Sonjiru

New Features:

Added ingame Kits for Sassuolo and Juventus Turin (so Serie A have right kits)
Added ingame Kits for Premier League (complete)
Added ingame Kits for La Liga (complete)
Rename all Trainers in Premier League
Rename all Trainers in La Liga
Rename all Traners in Serie A
Added Trainer images to Bundesliga (complete)
Added Trainer images to Premier League (complete)
Added Trainer images to La Liga (complete)
Added Trainer images to Serie A (all except Udinese Calcio)
Correct Lineups for Bundesliga

Caution: Don’t apply the Live-Update.

uploaded mediafire


Save something you need from your own Edit File (Kits, Created Teams etc)

Then extract the downloaded file to your save folder.

For Example (Documents, KONAMI, PES 2017, save)


Thanks to: Real Player Name List from evo-web, davfanpes,
Thanks to: Valencia 25, KoBr24, bamabravesfan, ronstyan, kostv, maquiavelo,supafly03, Valencia 17 for some faces
Thanks to: mckagan22 for sharing the Brazilian League
Thanks to: Konan-DY and Angeltorero and his team for the Trainer images



Igor Berezovsky – bamabravesfan
Michael Esser – bamabravesfan
Aytac Sulu – bamabravesfan
Leon Guwara – bamabravesfan
Alexander Milosevic – bamabravesfan
Marcel Heller – Valencia 25
Änis Ben-Hatira – Valencia 25
Imanuel Höhn – bamabravesfan
Sandro Sirigu – bamabravesfan
Artem Fedetsky – bamabravesfan
Benjamin Gorka – bamabravesfan
Fabian Holland – bamabravesfan
Mario Vrancic – bamabravesfan
Jerome Gondorf – bamabravesfan
Peter Niemeyer – bamabravesfan
Florian Jungwirth – bamabravesfan
Victor Obinna – bamabravesfan
Antonio Colak – bamabravesfan

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

Sandro Wagner – bamabravesfan
Niclas Süle – (don’t know the Facemaker, I have to Research that soon.)

RB Leipzig

Fabio Coltori – bamabravesfan

Hamburger SV

Bobby Wood – bamabravesfan

1. FC Köln

Thomas Kessler – bamabravesfan
Lukas Klünter – bamabravesfan
Dominique Heintz – bamabravesfan

FC Bayern München

Holger Badstuber – KoBr24
Juan Bernat – KoBr24
Julian Green – KoBr24
Javi Martinez – Kostv
Philipp Lahm – maquiavelo40
Robert Lewandowski – Valencia 25

Eintracht Frankfurt

Marco Fabian – Valencia 25
Timothy Chandler – Valencia 25

Borussia Mönchengladbach

Fabian Johnson – Valencia 25
Raffael – Valencia 17
Nico Schulz – supafly03
A. Hahn – supafly03

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  1. I think I’m not understading this. I did paste all the files in SAVE, then I could actually see some changes, but I can’t see the logos of the sponsors or anything else. All I can see is the simple design of the uniform. Can someone help me?