PES 2017 OnOff Selector and 4K Enabler 1.1 by johnnyusa2k3

PES17 4k Enabler v1.1 by johnnyusa2k3

PES17 OnOff Selector by johnnyusa2k3

1. ONLINE Enabler/Disabler
It enables/disables the online mode. Useful for those of you that play mostly offline using different mods by different patchmakers. Why useful? Because with Online disabled you can’t mess up the offline database because of the new “Online update” function KONAMI implemented this year.

2. 4k Resolution Changer
I have a 4k UHD Samsung TV and i’ve tried the older Resolution Changer for PES16 and i failed to make it run properly. Thus, i’ve decided to write my own piece of code on this matter.

What it does exactly? Upon pressing the 4k button on my selector, you’d be setup with the native 4k Resolution (3840 x 2160). Careful! If you open Settings.exe, you need to rerun this selector and activate again the 4k Resolution.


Hope you’ll find it useful ;)
Note: I write my programs in QT C++ with Static linked library files.

Virus total link.

v1.0 – initial release
v1.1 – fixed dInput bugs reported by @Hawke.

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  1. Denis!! I just try its working awesome but,, unlocker beta 0.1 still needs online to unlock many teams..

    And I just wonder if there is a way to make demo version have a commentary in game??
    Thanks anyone.