PES 2017 La Liga Patch v1.5 by stanek1983 Released 22.10 ’16

Download PES2017 La Liga Patch Update 1.5

Changelog Version 1.50:

– Added Selector Offline/Online
– Added Scoreboard Selector
– Added Immortal Stadium Pack
– Corrrected players and team
– Added new faces
– Fix kits Gijon, Real Madrid



– Compatibile last LIVE UPDATE KONAMI
– You must delete EDIT000000.bin in save
– Copy and paste all files from folder game “download”
– Copy and paste EDIT000000 from main documents “save”
– Run “LaLiga Patch selector” from administrator
– Run game Online/Offline

PLEASE DON’T COPY MY FILES to use and create your own patch.

General Features:

– Complete Premier League, SkyBet Championship, La Liga, La Liga 123, Serie A, Serie B, Liga NOS, added with correct kits, logos, squads
– Complete Bundesliga added with correct kits, logos, squads, stats, players
– Complete Others Team Europe with missing team from Champions League and Europe League
– Added 24 clubs for other team europe: Shakhtar Donieck, Fenerbahce SK, Sparta Praha, FC Copenhagen, Anderlecht RSC, Olympiakos FC, Panathinaikos FC,
PAOK Saloniki, Rapid Wienna, Zenit St.Petersburg, Zorya Luhansk, FK Krasnodar, FK Rostov, Osmanilispor FK, Red Bull Salzburg, PFK Ludogorets, Celtic FC,
APOEL FC, FC Viktoria, Legia Warszawa, Steaua Bukareszt, Dundalk FC, BSC Young Boys, Standard Liege (logos, kits, player, stats)
– All kits from national teams
– Selector Online/Offline
– Scoreboard Selector
– New Ballpack
– New Adboards
– New 694 faces from LaLiga, PL, Bundesliga, Serie A, others team and national teams
– League and Cup logos and names corrected
– Added 40 stadium Immortal Pack
– Added 1208 mifaces



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          • to pes galaxy poly piotiko alla xwris ths other eu teams ine psilo axristo kalitera aspra xeria para nitsaloskis kai tetia pisevo

          • Εγω θα αφησω pesgalaxy γιατι στο επομενο update θα βαλουν κ ολες τις rest of world μεσα κ αυτοι επειδη ειναι πιο της λεπτομεριας τυπου ασπρα χερια δεν παιζει να εχουν λαθη οποτε θ περιμενω ακομα λιγο. Εν το μεταξυ για να παιζεις με φιλους ειναι κομπλε αλλα για μαστερ λιγκ πρεπει να βγει πατς με ελληνικο πρωταθλημα απο προgamerz η wehellas. Αλλιως δεν μ αρεσει ν ξεκινησω με ξενη.

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  1. good work but seba ideye hands for etc its still white an krezhakov face still in m . kerzhakov and stil formations for other europe its wrong

    • Βαγγελη σου εχει κ σενα το signal iduna park σαν σταδιο της latzio? Επισης πηγαινε παιξε λιγο με ρεαλ μαδριτης στο bernabeu με rain και winter night κ δες αν ειναι ολα οκ. Γιατι εμενα μου βγαζει ενα ασπρο παρκε που δεν παιζεις με τιποτα μπαλα.

      • an 3eris na pros9etis pragmata sto dp file list ayto lini kai ta dio provlimata an den gnorizis pos mporo na voi9iso meso team viewer edo to link


        • Σε ευχαριστω πολυ ρε μαγκα. Ναι ξερω απο dpf generator. Το βαζω το αρχειο στον download φακελο και το κανω generate τελευταιο? Η εχουν αλλα cpk προτεραιοτητα? Αν δεν βαριεσαι πες μου μια την σειρα που πρεπει να τα κανω generate. Βγαλτα μια φωτο γ να μην καθεσαι ν γραφεις

          • Βαγγελη το κανω generate το αρχειο που μου εστειλες αλλα δεν ειδα καποια αλλαγη μεσα στο παιχνιδι. Παραμενει το προβλημα με λατσιο κ μπερναμπεου. μπορεις να με βοηθησεις ρε φιλαρακι? Αυτο ειναι το email μου αμα σε βοηθησει να μην παιδευεσαι εδω μεσα.

          • sou estila mail file mou an 8es stile mou kai kana skype fb px gia grigoroteri epikinonia h meso mail

  2. Great great patch guys!!! in my opinion is the most complete patch until now!

    Just a note:
    Lisandro Lopez (SL BENFICA) face is wrong. You put the other Lizandro Lopez face :D

  3. This is the best patch in my opinion so far

    Unfortunately, the new update with inmortal stadium kind of ruin it. Same issue with Christos, I also got that white pitch, no lines, the entire grass are white and make it difficult to play. I don’t mean to harm/bad comment, but will you remove that stadium patch? or if anybody did solve this issue, please help to fix it.

    Thank you and keep up your impressive work :)

    • Stanek … Excellent work I really appreciate all this effort with your Patch all in one you make easier all of this modding to keep the game at this quality level … I´m reading you are going to add Liga MX (Mexico) … is this correct? I can´t wait to see your advances… I´ve to ask … The national teams missing like Mexico… in the future will be added too?

      Thanks a lot again for all your efforth…

  4. Hello people!!! For those of you who don’t like these stadiums as I don’t, you can download the Stadium pack from PES Redux. The stadiums are not so many, but they are great!!! With those stadiums and a good patch, you can play the game offline and online in a great way. Just trying to help!