PES 2017 High Quality Sleeves Badges – Patches v1 by cRoNoS

High Quality Sleeves Badges v1

– High Quality Sleeves Badges/Patchs v1.
– This CPK contains:

· Competitions licensed:
– All leagues licensed except Liga Argentina, PEU, PLA and PAS.
– All national cups licensed except Copa do Brasil, Copa Argentina, PEU Cup, PLA Cup and PAS Cup.
– All national supercups licensed except Supercopa Argentina, PEU Supercup, PLA Supercup and PAS Supercup.

· New High Quality Badges/Patchs for:
– UEFA Champions League:
– Winner Badge.
– Champions League Badge.
– Badge of Honor (4,5,7 and 11) for Liverpool FC, Barcelona, AC Milan and Real Madrid CF
– Respect Badge.
– UEFA Europa League:
– Winner Badge.
– Europa League Badge.
– Badge of Honor (5) for Sevilla FC, only shows on Champions League.
– Respect Badge.
– UEFA Super Cup.
– AFC Champions League.
– Premier League:
– Normal Badge.
– Winner Badge.
– Sky Bet Championship.
– Eredivisie:
– Normal Badge.
– Winner Badge.
– Ligue 1:
– Normal Badge.
– Winner Badge.
– Domino’s Ligue 2.
– Serie A TIM.
– Serie B
– LaLiga Santander.
– LaLiga 1|2|3.
– Liga NOS.
– Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank (Chile).


– How To Install:
· Copy the file CPK to the folder Download.
· Use DpFileList Generator v1.8 for add the CPK on the DpFileList.bin.
· Open you game, save the EDIT.
· Now decrypt your Edit.bin and open with Hex Editor, you have to changue some byte for see the badges on the game, remember you have to do on all competitions I licensed.


· Once edited and saved, encrypt the EDIT decrypted, rename it to original name and put it in his corresponding folder, enjoy!!

· Respect my work, if you use on your patch, put me on credits.

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