PES 2016 Adidas, Puma, Macron, Nike GK Template Kits

Adidas Macron
Puma Nike


Now I begin to share the templates that I produce, but at the same time I have a warning for many morons who download them and use them “DO NOT REMOVE MY SIGNATURE” if you really suffer from inferiority and want the world know that it was you to produce the kits add your signature elsewhere without removing mine.

If this thing will not be respected, and I see only one kit around the web with my production with the removed signature I will share no more anything in the web, it template, it kit that I produce, and consider you if it’s more important to your ego or my those who lose jobs there something you are, then respect my requests.

Respect for those who spend hours working to give something to you.

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  1. great job G-Style. Im Always waiting your newest works :)
    I want to make my own fantasy kits for my teams, pls be fast with home – away kits :P