EGY Super Patch 2017 version 1.0 By MODY 99 For PES 2017

Download PES2017 EGY Super Patch 2017 1.0 By MODY 99

– Added Full Licensed Bayern Munchen 2016/2017.
– Added Kits for all the unlicensed National Teams 2017.
– Replaced Many duplicated players in the game.
– Updated and Enhanced Whole Game Atmosphere.
– Real name for all the classic players and fake national teams players.
– Updates all new transfers and formations for all Clubs and Nationals Teams.
– Correct Leagues Kits and Logos Premier League, Championships, Serie A, Serie B, Liga1, Liga2, Liga NOS.
– Added and updated some new faces.
– Correction of classic players with 30 new Faces.
– New Ultra HD Turf for all the stadiums.
– Updates of Refrees Kits 2016/2017.
– Add new balls (25 balls) For All Competitions 2016/2017.
– HD Logos for all teams, and Waving Flags for Nationals.
– Add 4 New Stadiums (Juventus Stadium, Alianz Arena, Old Trafford, Stade de France).


Thanks to Kit Maker A 7 M E D SB & Mahmoud ibrahim
Thanks to Stadium Maker Mizo 99
Thanks to Face Makers Sameh, Al Modamer, PrinCe Shieka & Hosamalfars
Presented By MODY 99 2009-2017
Super Pes… Super 17

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  1. thanx for patch, and for those who are wondering if it is going to work online, i have installed and its absolutely worked fine. All you have do is after installation, there will be 2 exe in pes 2017 folder one is PES2017 and other is ONLINE.So, you have delete the PES2017 exe and rename ONLINE exe as PES2017 and that it, it will work online with all the kits available to you . This patch also has neymar and messi’s hair .Try this one its good.

  2. there is one problem with online the team name changes. so, keep the PES2017 EXE and use respectively this one and the online rename exe for offline and online…don’t delete PES2017 EXE

  3. Olympiastadium Berlin and Stadion Narodowy w Warszawie crash the game. Can you fix it I’m afraid it gonna crash in ML

    • I’m having the same problem. I didn’t backup the files, and now I don’t know how to get original stadiums back (it’s supposed to be dt30_win.cpk in data folder, I’ve swapped that file with another custom stadiums file, but it didn’t help)

  4. Any instructions on how to install this ?
    Can i play online with teams with all correct names ? I never play offline its boring and a waste of time !
    I need full instructions on what to do to install !

  5. Hello, i’m trying to install it, like the way it should be (browsing through the steamapps folder, common and then pes 2017, but nothing is changed in the game. Can someone help me?

    Thank you in advance.

    • You need to delete your Edit option file that is in Konami (my documents ) because the patch will put a new one. You also need to uninstall previous patch, especially pes galaxy. You simply need to install the patch as admnistrator

  6. i can install stadiums pack or others packs with this pacth? because i try install PES 2017 Stadium Super Pack by InMortal but don´t work.

  7. Hi
    I installed this patch on demo version. but nothing is changed. does it work on demo version? Alves is still playing for barcelona :)

  8. guys can you help me!

    i just bought pes 2017 disc not from steam so that mean i cant play online. Can this patch work for it even i just installed from disc? HELP ME!!!!!