DpFileList Generator v1.8 by Baris + DLC 1.0 (updated 27.10)

Download DpFileList Generator 1.8 by Baris Compatible PES2017 DLC 1.0

– Generate automatically DpFileList.bin with maximum of 32 CPKs (see this post for more informations)
– Select needed cpk-files
– Sort selected cpk-Files (if needed) via Drag&Drop
– Read already existing DpFileList.bin
– [NEW] Updated GUI; window resizing is now possible (as requested long time ago)

.rar: Download v1.8 + DLC 1.0 : http://adf.ly/1f9MyN
.zip: Download v1.8 + DLC 1.0 : http://adf.ly/1f9N8K

1) Choose your “download”-folder (or any folder that contains .cpk-files)
Optional: 1.1) select already existing DpFileList.bin to preselect already used CPKs
2) Select cpk-files which should be in the DpFileList.bin
3) Sort the selected cpk-files (if needed) via drag and drop
4) Generate DpFileList.bin (your current DpFileList.bin will be backed up (DpFileList.bin.BACKUP))

You need at least Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 to run this tool.

1. How is the sorting logic of the application?
At top of the generated DpFileList.bin the cpk file with the lowest priorty is arranged.

2. I get an error while creating the DpFileList.bin.
Try to rerun the tool as admin (right-click => run as administrator).

3. “Error unable to find csv file”
The “DlcDb.csv” has to be in the “DpFileListGeneratorData” folder, please don’t change the data structure, otherwise the tool will not find the csv file.
Just download the file, extract and run it.

4. What is the maximum amount of CPKs that can be added?
32 CPK files can be added

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  1. so am i suppose to do NOT check the dt80_200E_win.cpk when am choosing DLC v1.0? like on the screenshot? cos when i checked everything plus i choose DLC v.1.0 my game is broken, can’t download live update, can’t load my old save in ML etc.

  2. funny thing is that to game work properly i need to check ‘NO DLC’, while in game DLC is working anyway (new boots, new faces, new kits). when am choosing DLC v1.0 game is broken and i can’t do nothing about my save, live updates etc.

    • the same to me bro. My DpFileList doesn’t run. The game is with default kits, emblems, …
      I want to install my own CPK and I can’t, the game doesn’t read CPKs.
      Anyone knows how? otopoe@gmail.com

  3. please help me. why I can’t get the link? if I click the link above. adf.ly stack

    // retry and refresh page, usually works.

    • Tienes que indicar en las ventanas de arriba las carpetas donde tienes los archivos (carpeta download) … saludos

  4. Man it says maximum 32 cpks but when i select 2 cpk the that is in the first row works but the other doesn’t work at all is there any solution fo this