Dino Editor 2017 1.3 by Starvin and Smeagol75

Download Dino Editor 2017 Version 1.3 Preview In-Editor

Fixed problems with com abilities and some others, fixed problem importing csv but still have separator because excel change at his own depending on zone and if u are in other zone than europe must change; I could not fight with excel sorry, is so easy with winhex select all file and replace all coincidences; Save and done.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/cd5zomrf3v7m0o9/DINO EDITOR 2017 v1.3.rar?dl=0

Fixed problems adding teams to Competitions, in competition tab and more bugs fixed I can´t remember.

If all is working fine, now you have tool until lagun-2 finish all his performance.

Have a nice editing :)

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  1. Please, I converted Classic Player Fake to Player Real ID, But i Can’t add new face for Classic player. Can you help me this problem? Thank You.