[PES 2017] PES Redux v1 by NikoLiberty4 Released 24.09.16

Download PES Redux v1

PES Redux is a free mod designed to improve the image quality of PES 2017 on PC.

4K Imgur Album – All Stadiums (WIP). v1 Features (September 24, 2016):

– 6 missing stadiums from PES 2015/16 (Old Trafford, Allianz Arena, Juventus Stadium, Olympiastadion Berlin, Stadion Narodowy and Stade de France)
– All-new turf pattern texture (4096×4096), which improves IQ during close camera situations
– New turf color and lighting for all stadiums, on every time/weather setting
– All-new sky textures (8192×2048) for all stadiums
– Improved stadium and crowd lighting for all grounds, specially in rainy setting
– Improved crowd, made by TiiyoSneijder
– New stadiumboards for Camp Nou and Allianz Arena
– All-new thumbnails for all stadiums

More to come in future versions… Full Version (1 cpk with everything):



– PC version of PES 2017 (full version only).
– DPFileListGenerator by Baris to generate DpFileList.bin


Full Version

– Put the single cpk in PES 2017 “download” folder, run DPFileListGenerator and create a new DPFileList.bin with only this cpk file.
– Enjoy the game :)

Modular Version

– Put the files you downloaded in PES 2017 “download” folder, run DPFileListGenerator and create a new DPFileList.bin. The files have to be in the following order, just pay attention to the files you have downloaded:

– missingstadiums.cpk
– stadiumlist.cpk
– stadiumtextures.cpk
– turfs.cpk
– stadiumlighting.cpk
– skies.cpk
– crowd_TiiyoSneijder.cpk
– stadiumpreviews.cpk

– Enjoy the game :)


Baris – DPFileListGenerator
sxsxsx – PES Next-Gen CPK File Manager and Blender Addons
mushin3D (DeviantArt) – Tileable grass texture
TiiyoSneijder – Crowd
(I don’t remember their names) – Cloud brushes for Photoshop
Konami – Original Stadiums and the great gameplay this game has, the main reason I’m making this mod

You can freely use this mod with your own mods/patches.

Feel free to comment any issue you find, so I can fix it as quickly as possible.

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  1. Really good patch, thanks. The only thing I don’t like is turf color which is a bit too bland for me, especially compared to fruits turf which I like the most.

  2. great job man and your lines are very good not like other stadiumpack where they are big and ugly.only thing i think would be better if you put less missing grass and dirt in some stadiums.overall very good quality and please add more stadiums as much as you can.thank you.

  3. Allianz Arena doesn’t show up in Champions/Europa League exibition matches and it’s replaced by default Konami stadium. Can it be fixed? In normal exibition it works perfectly :(