PES 2017 Resolution Change Edit Tool by Wygno

How To Change Resolution In PES2017

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Compatible with DEMO AND FULL GAME.

All credits for BlackRider1993 who created and developed the software !
I just edited the software.

Todos os créditos para o BlackRider1993 quem criou e desenvolveu o software!
Eu apenas editei o software.

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  1. 1-remove PES2016_ResolutionChanger.ini
    2-open app and press ok
    now you find new PES2016_ResolutionChanger.ini open it and edit from “[Settings]
    Filename=C:\Users\——-\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\settings.dat” to “[Settings]
    Filename=C:\Users\——\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\settings.dat”

    • Please tell me specifically how to run and use this program, how to run it ?
      + don’t really understand how and what to do to make it work?

  2. hello what is a much asked bal editor to be a legend if you can do is agradeceria .. thanks and follow so they do very well .. greetings

  3. This tool will only change the horizontal resolution for me but won’t change the vertical? Example; If I change the resolution using the tool from 2560×1440 to 3840×2160 and hit ok, it will tell me that its done but then the game will launch in 3840×1440?? When I go back to the tool it will then say 3840×1440 and if I change it again the same thing happens :-( My monitors native resolution is 2160p btw. This used to happen in PES 2016 with BlackRider1993’s 1.1 version of the tool but the 1.0 version worked fine. Any suggestions guys?

  4. I can’t get this working either. Tried the resolution changer both the original and fixed one linked here, both with correct path set. The changer says it works successfully but the game refuses to load, I just get a white screen for half a second then it exits.

    Having the same problem as anon454 where it’s only remembering the vertical resolution and on next load it’s at 3840 x 1440 instead of 2160.

  5. You don’t need any 3rd party program.

    For fixing the PES 2017’s Screen Resolution Follow these instructions:

    Go to your Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Game Folder
    Find Settings.exe
    Right click on it.
    Find Compatibility tab.
    Select Disable High DPI Settings from the tick box.
    Select Run this program as an administrator from the tick box.
    Click Apply and Okay.
    Run Settings.exe
    You can see higher Resolutions now.