On PS4 you may get this error: “Use of user generated media is not allowed for your account”. This appears when you invite a friend at your place and try to log in as guest with second controller.

PES2017 Use of user-generated media

The Fix: set parent control level 9 in PS4 settings, create a sub account (with a different email) to your master account in PSN – using your browser, verify it, (set it there to allow mods), then open your second controller in PS4 and log in with the sub account created. All PES17 PS4 Option Files will work and you can fully enjoy your game!

User generated media PS4 PES2017

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  1. I already did like you said, 1st controller use master account and second controller use sub account, but “Use of User-Generated Media Is Not Allowed” still show up when playing offline.
    If i turn on internet connection then start the game (PES2017), it works, there is no error. But when i turn off internet connection then start the game, i get this error again.
    I need to play offline, Do you have solution for play offline without this error?
    Please Help..

    • You created a sub account for second controller, but did you allow in browser, in sub account settings to allow generated media (like in the screenshot) ? If you did, then you forgot to change also the ratings for parent control in ps4 settings, or the subaccount is for an inappropiate age. Change the age… to an older one, if needed create another sub account.

      • I did allow user generated media, parent control level 9, and my sub account age is 13years old. Maybe thats too young? But why it works while playing online? I’m still confused but Ok i’ll try to change to an older age. Thanks for your help :)

  2. It does not working for me unfortunetly. But there is OTHER WAY.
    First – log in with one gamepad on your main account, sstart the game and go to Match (Live update OF if you want to have all patch content), and when you see a controller setup (side select) then TURN ON SECOND CONTROLLER and log in as other (no mather what, can be Sub, but don’t have to) account. Then you both can use generated files and play.
    Remember to not go out to main menu then, only (after end of each match) select “Team Select” option, and then you both can select different teams and play another match.

  3. It does not work for me, and I have been trying everyone suggestions for the past hour. Konami please fix this, the game’s been out a month and I still can’t play local co op the way I want it. Got 3 mates coming over tomorrow testing the game out, looking at all the gloriously editied shirts. But cannot in all glory, because of this terrible bug. Please, please. please fix this as a priority target. PES is best with couch co-op full functionality.

  4. Ok I am back and have a fix for all guys that have internet to update or create a ps4 silver (thus FREE) profle. It does require internet, and a little patience at least to set it up. The problem with PES 2017 is that offline accounts that have never connected to the internet receive the bug “cannot use user generated blablabla”. Luckily I am unemployed and have time to find a fix :p. So to play co op couch with your buddy in all edited glory (and your hours of hard work) do the following.

    1. Have or create another emailadres than your main psn account used email adress. I created a new one.
    2. Update or create a new ps4 account on your ps4. With that new (or old) ps4 account connect to the ps4 network like they ask during the set up when you create, but which you can find again somewhere in your profile if you didn’t do it in the first place.
    4. Go through all the psn steps (including ‘activate profile’ in your emailadress inbox) and make sure it is ready to potentially become a PS4 +plus account. (of course we are not gonna pay)
    5. Then use your newly updated silver ps4 account to start up PES 2017
    6. With that new account, go to EDIT mode in PES 2017 and update at least one team with any option file. Then SAVE that shit. This is important, because else you get the same old error again.
    7. Turn Off PES and make sure to START up the game with the standard PROFILE (probabaly your regular profile) that has all the OPTION FILES in place. After that, when the game loads onto the main screen just add the other (new-silver) profile you previously created.
    8. You can now do the VERSUS, Exibition (other modes probabaly too, but havent yet tried) mode with all your edited files and keeping scores. Without having to do it half-baked in a match.

    FINALLY: If you wanna play couch co op with more than just one couch buddy, repeat the above steps by making another (probabaly fake) e-mailadress and ps4 profile.

    I hope this helps, I tried all the other fixes, but they did not do it for me.

    // for cannot use user generated blablabla create a subaccount for your psn master account and it log in second controller with subaccount, works 100%.


  5. Hi guys

    Where can i find the “user generated media” option to allow it ??? I didnt found so far. Please help me too

  6. Ok guys. Ear me now. It is just a first method to overpass the live update and avoid to lose OF when playing with others. Its annoying but is fast for now that we didnt got a final solution:
    Enter in Pes, launch the match, wait for live update, press R3 to disable, get back to pad choise selection and NOW turn on the second pad, now you can select the teams maintaining the option file.
    Well….If anytime you need to get off, or do anything that trigger the loading animation (and causing to the system to recognize the second “illegal” player -.-” ) you need to keep pressing PS on the 2nd pad, and LOG OUT from Ps4. And then move around without show the “user generated not fu****g allowed” message…

  7. I created a sub account to the master account, but when I try to log in with the second controller, the sub account is not in the list! Why the f*** is that???????

  8. I have no idea why I have this problem all I did was invite a friend and it told me use of user generated media is not allowed for you’re account. I don’t even have two controllers help pls