PES 2017 Master League Money Tool 2.00 by Devil Cold52

Download PES 2017 ML Money Tool 2.00 by Devil Cold52 Preview Master League Money Tool 2017

* Added to salary budget.
* Some bugs fixed.
* Updated interface.

Run the program as an administrator. Make a backup of your career file.


Author: Devil Cold52™

Special Thanks : ‘tunabrain4cc’ Decryption/Encryption, ‘Mustafa u’ ‘Fatih Kuyucak’ ‘Onur Yılmaz’ For Support.

PES 2017 Master League Money Tool 2.00 by Devil Cold52 3

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  1. Ok guys! I managed to figure it out [the negative balance thing for transfer budget].
    First of all, this method is tested for DOLLARS. It doesn’t matter if your in-game currency is EURO.

    So far, i have no idea what’s the thing about Salary budget, but if you type 383,257,900 , you’ll get around 73billions . [].

    For the transfer budget, [for dollars] , you have to type the desired sum, without the last two digits.
    Example : If you’d like to have 900 millions [900.000.000] , just type the number without the last two digits [ 9.000.000], click apply, then Save.

    Hope it works :)