PES 2017 Master League Money Tool 2.00 by Devil Cold52

Download PES 2017 ML Money Tool 2.00 by Devil Cold52 Preview Master League Money Tool 2017

* Added to salary budget.
* Some bugs fixed.
* Updated interface.

Run the program as an administrator. Make a backup of your career file.


Author: Devil Cold52™

Special Thanks : ‘tunabrain4cc’ Decryption/Encryption, ‘Mustafa u’ ‘Fatih Kuyucak’ ‘Onur Yılmaz’ For Support.

PES 2017 Master League Money Tool 2.00 by Devil Cold52 3

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  1. Ok guys! I managed to figure it out [the negative balance thing for transfer budget].
    First of all, this method is tested for DOLLARS. It doesn’t matter if your in-game currency is EURO.

    So far, i have no idea what’s the thing about Salary budget, but if you type 383,257,900 , you’ll get around 73billions . [].

    For the transfer budget, [for dollars] , you have to type the desired sum, without the last two digits.
    Example : If you’d like to have 900 millions [900.000.000] , just type the number without the last two digits [ 9.000.000], click apply, then Save.

    Hope it works :)

  2. The hack was working. But after I buy some players with that money from the hack and agreed the terms, the players did not join to my team. Anyone can help me please? Sorry for my bad english

    • Maybe in your game isn’t a transfer window time…you should wait it until the transfer window January..You can negotiate with some players which you want to buy but they won’t move to your team before the transfer windows time

  3. Can you make tool that can edit player overal rating, age, skills, and position? i really apreciate if yo can make tool like that