PES 2017 MJPES Patch 2.00 – Bundesliga – Released 27.09.16

Download PES2017 PC MJPES Patch 2.0

– 51 New Balls.
– Bundesliga 100% Licensed [Kits, Logos, Names].
– Premier League and Sky Bet ChampionShip 100% Licensed [Kits,Logos,Names].
– Added Pitch HD.
– Maracana Stadium removed.
– Added More than 100 new faces in Brazileirao.
– Added More than 200 new uniforms.
– Fixed More than 250 names in the Brazileirao.
– All Brazilian technicians with their real names and faces.
– Real Names for all the clubs & national teams.
– Fixed Libertadores.
– Fixed EURO 2016.
– Fixed Brazil Cup.
– Online Compatible.



– Download and Unrar all files (547MB). Install in PES2017 folder. In this order:
MjPES PATCH v2.00 _1
MjPES PATCH v2.00 _2
MjPES PATCH v2.00 _3
MjPES PATCH v2.00 _4
– Install MjPES PATCH v2.00 _5 in: Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
– Play.

– 2017 Patch for BUNDESLIGA
– Steet Facemaker
– Starlen Silva
– InMortal
– All Stadium Makers
– Tarcisio Facemaker
– Lucas FM

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  1. You took our (pesgalaxy´s) Bundesliga, great Job you assholes.
    Very easy to see because of the Team rosters. Everything is exactly as the same as ours. We added many players to Bayern who aren´t even on official team lists and of course here they are the same.

    // now added by moderator, in credits.

    • Then this patch will have the same mistakes because there are a lot mistakes in the Bundesliga. For example the squad of HSV or Bremen

      • that´s why you can see that they took it from us.
        We only finished Bayern completely and added the players that are already ingame to their teams. The rest still was fake. And you can see perfectly that it´s just copied from us. All of those added players are added in the same order and Bayern has Players that we added, like Felix Götze for example that don´t show up on any official roster.

    • It´s not similar they took things directly from our Patch. I call stealing definitely not good work.

      To the creator of this patch:

      You could´ve asked if you can use our Bundesliga. We´ve probably have given you the permission, but now we won´t anymore. Stealing is just wrong.

  2. Acctually giving credits to PesGalaxy does not mean that you can copy everything and add something new. Shame on MJPES Team go and work on your own.