Graphics Ultra Settings Saphira V2.1 Reshade / SweetFx

Download PES2017 Reshader 2.1

HBAO Ambient Oclusion.
SMAA Anti Aliasing.
Adjusting brightness and shadows.
Gamma adjustment, exposure, saturation and white.
intelligent saturation.
Simulation of colors.
Add Maps and color palettes.

Update 2.1 Features.
Simplified installation.
Performance increase.
Green color in turf increased.
HBAO tweeks, certain shadows and black tones more smooth.
Now there is no Mediator.

Mods used for me in the pictures.
Missing Stadiums (Estadios perdidos)
Stadium List (Lista de Estadios)
Turf (Cesped)
Skies (Cielos)
Crowd by TiiyoSneijder (Público)
Stadium Preview (Previsualizacion de Estadios)


Download “Saphira V2.1 Pes2017 by raull127.rar”
Extract the “.rar” and execute “Saphira V2.1 Pes2017 by raull127”
Choose your main directory of PES 2017 and extract the files there.
*Steam version main directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Pictures: Complete Album Here.

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  1. Awesome mod! I’ve found the issue is there is a strange black glow around the players sometimes. I assume it’s to do with the Ambient Occlusion & the shadows.

    Awesome work tho!

    How come you don’t use the Stadium Lighting on PES Redux 1.0? Is it cos your reshade includes the new lighting already?

  2. The spectacular this patch, I lost a bit of performance but no problems … the ambient occlusion causes falls sometimes but perhaps what is driving the most beautiful game
    Do you know if you can put “anisotropic filtering, post processing and shader” in the game?

      • You said that so I try to include these effects by Catalyst or so I try to decrease the lag? I’m not losing much fps
        Thank you for responding, I admire his work