PES 2017 Connection Checker For PC, PS4 and PS3

Customers can download a connection checker tool that will assess whether the network setup you have is suitable for playing thsi game on your system or PC. This easy-to-operate program is available free of charge and can be downloaded on to your PC. Please follow the instructions on this page on how to use it.

Instructions on how to use the Connection Checker:

Using this program requires a preparatory step in that you would need to check whether you can browse websites using your system.
(1) Please read the Terms of Service in the “Download” section of this page. Once you have fully read and accepted the terms as stated, click on “Agree” and then start the software download.

※You would need to defrost the files as they are all zipped. Please make sure to read through the “read-me” file before using it.
※Please make sure to defrost all files or the tool may not be displayed in the correct language.

(2) If you are planning to use a wireless LAN connection in order to play the game, make sure to set one up for your PC, keeping the settings very similar to the ones on your system or PC. If messages pop up on screen indicating that your firewall software is blocking access, please try again once you have enabled the program to access our server.The results for your test will be ready in a short time (About 2 mins max).

※Wireless LAN connections are not recommended for online play of this game.
※Please refer to our “Test Results” section to interpret your results.

(3) Once your test results are out, you will be asked to submit them to our server. We would very much like to ask for your cooperation as the results would provide us with very valuable information as to how to make the game a better gaming experience for all our customers.
Recommended System Requirements

・ Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7
・ A working internet connection is essential.

Please make sure to read the Terms of service in full then agree to it before downloading the Connection Checker tool:

Download pes2017 connection checker tools ps4 pc ps3

Terms of Service
Software Name: “Connection Checker”
No. of Licencees: 1

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