PES 2016 OF Update 5 For Smoke Patch 8.5.1 by HarleyGnr

Download PES2016 Update v5 Option File Smoke Patch v8.5.1 by Harley_Gnr

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– Replace the “edit000000” file in your User/…./documents/KONAMI/save folder (make before backup of your original file).
– Copy in your “download folder the kits cpk and update your dpfilelist.bin.

Smoke Patch Team
Mrock77 (kits)

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    • Hi : the author has added a ZIP file in download page (use Zippyshare link in this post to go there )… in any case if you have problems in other times , do use WinRar5 to decompresse …

      • Thank you Karibou for your replay ( fast ).
        Noted for winrar 5 ;)…
        Have a nice day for you and all PES fans around the world…!

  1. First of all, congratulations for the great work. Sorry it’s first time I use this patch and I don’t understand how to install it. What do you mean when you say “update dpfilelist.bin”? How can I do it? I did all the rest and the game stops working after the start image. Also, I have a version of pte patch installed. Could it be an incompatibility? And if it is, is there any way I can unistall that patch and install this one? Many thanks in advance and sorry for so many questions.

    • Hello Sensui!!
      First you have to install a clean version of smoke patch 8.5.1,
      when installed the first one has to do is replace the edit000 file in the folder / documentos / KONAMI / save. 2 then open the DpFileListGenerator and activate the cpk.
      I hope it works there is no mystery…greetings!!!
      sorry about my English.

      • Thanks a lot :D
        It works, but still I don’t understand the part 2 about the cpk, and I guess I did it wrong, although the patch works perfectly anyway. I downloaded dpfilelistgenerator and opened the dpfilelist.bin, then checked the cpk and saved, but then the dpfilegenerator stopped working.

  2. Hey :D
    First of all, thank you for your hard work!!! :D

    I hope you can help me with my problem:
    I have installed patch 8.5.1 an update 5 (only replaced the edit-file to get the newest transfers) and then I wanted to start a master-league-season with Fulham FC but I can’t… I only get to the piont where I can choose my team, then I select it an I want to start the season and then PES crashes and the program shuts down and I don’t know why :(((

  3. what do you think????I update the rest of the leagues or not worth????
    because this coming the pes 2017……I want suggestions

    thank you all!!!!

    • can not. you will have to smoke patch 8.5.1. it is not for the original version of the game. the site of the patch section you can download and install the patch. Thanks bro.

  4. I have a question
    Please help and answers
    How to add fake team to other European teams
    I want to learn
    Can you give resource (video)
    Thank you