PTE Patch 6.0 All Transfers Option File By TeKo For PES 2016

Download PES 2016 All Transfers Option File

The transfer window is closed. I am sharing my option file with all transfers of 2016. Formations are correct. Some numbers of latest transfer could be wrong, like David Luiz in Chelsea.

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  1. teko i have a problem in italy nationnal team there some players whom i can’t play them plus there is some transferts not fixed mustafi for arsenal mangala for valencia and others..

  2. Hi teko sorry for taking you out of context but I have downloaded all the 20 parts of pte patch 6.0 but parts 3,4 n 7 are corrupt. Downloaded them several times but still not working so if you could please help me out.setup 2 n 3 are all working fine but setup 1 is what am not getting. Thanks

      • But homeground for barcelona still estadio olimpico roma..even cant change myself to its real homeground because its locked..not like arsenal homeground, before this its nou camp stadium, but managed change myself to emirates stadium using this your option files..for next fix option file, please reserve homeground unlock for barcelona, so can i can change its too real homeground(nou camp stadium)..

  3. Kardeşş Türk takımların hiçbiri yapılmamış tüm transferler eksik nerdeyse. Giden oyunların hepsi duruyor gelen oyuncuların çoğu yok. Eksiği çok emeğe saygı ama indirilip kullanılacak gibi değil. hemen sildim

  4. Genuinely annoyed that you label this as “ALL TRANSFERS”
    I found over 50 undone transfers within the first 10 minutes of skimming through lineups.

    The effort is appreciated but don’t advertise this as “ALL TRANSFERS”.

  5. Not Included (Transfer Missing):

    Sofiane Boufal (Lille to Southampton)
    Mangala (Manchester City to Valencia)
    Mustafi (Valencia to Arsenal)
    Nacer Chadli (Spurs to West Bromwich)
    Ryan Mason (Spurs to Hull City)

    And Balotelli should be in Liverpool.

  6. Do I need the previous version of the patch or i can just download PTE patch 6.0? if i need previous is there any AIO version?

  7. why a hands and legs for all players turn to white??….
    how to fix it?…i dont like tattos….
    how to use for default skin??….

  8. i just want clean update for transfer, formation….i dont like tattoo at all…..please remove the tattoo…..
    TQ sir

  9. The formations are incorrect for me for some teams, like Chelsea has Begovic as CF and Blackman as AMF. Same problem with a few other teams.

  10. pls all the fl championship transfert please Especially brentford fc but don’t miss the other big team like sheffield bristol and the other teams

  11. pls all the fl championship transfert please Especially brentford fc but don’t miss the other big team like sheffield bristol and the other teams in this ligue

  12. No All transfert
    -Alex Texeira
    -Wolverhampton Players
    -Juan Camara
    and more ….

  13. and why it suppose for PTE patch only..??why..?why.?why..?i don’t install any patch on my pes…i can use this option file….good bye cruel world

  14. HI, i used this file. For example in the Spanish ligue i checked that in Valencia team the goalkeeper is in DC position. I believe that the players postion in the field are wong. Inter team there is a defender as a ED and I think that theres are a lot of wrong position in all teams.
    Could you fix this?


  15. Guys please show some respect to “Teko” and other patchers or modders! Because first without them we can’t even play PES games! Second, they spend lot of times trying their best to give you these updates! If you don’t like it then just close this window and go do it by yourself. As simple as that :)

  16. Excuse me bro, I have a question, I’m never use pte patch for my pc, but I used smoke patch. Can I Replace smoke patch with pte patch??

  17. im getting a crash on pte , can anybody tell what im doing wrong. I have pte 6.0 , estarlen silva 2.0 europe, pack 330 tatto marcaeu and 2016-17 kitpack by nemaja1. i put edit in pes save folder in documents

  18. Hi I put the patch in konami folder but when i start the game it says :unable to load cus data from a differnt version. How to fix that and how to know which version I am using? Thanks