MyPES 2017 Patch 0.1 (Premier League) by

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Изменения в 0.1:
– Реальные названия для всех команд АПЛ и Реала
– Реальные названия для всех лиг
– Реальные логотипы для всех команд, лиг и кубков
– Реальные формы для всех команд АПЛ
– Реальные формы для мадридского Реала
– Дополнительные и еврокубковые формы для команд АПЛ

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Как установить:
– Запустите инсталятор и следуйте указаниям программы

Требуемая версия игры: steam
Язык интерфейса: русский


Changes in 0.1: (google translate)
– Real names for all teams Premier League and Real Madrid
– Real names for all leagues
– Real logos for all teams, leagues and cups
– Real kits for all Premier League teams
– Real kits for Real Madrid
– Complementary and European Cup kits for the Premier League teams

How to install:
– Run the installer and follow the instructions of the program.

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  1. it works great…still needs update for German League and most of the names for Spanish teams.

    Install the patch in the main folder of steam PES 2017

  2. Guys. The patch is working very well. One problem is that it doesn’t work with online. When matchmaking it only says “searching for opponent” and doesn’t connect to anyone. Otherwise good start.

  3. Can’t get this to work :(
    I point the installer to my Pro Evo 2017 folder within my steam directory.
    This creates a folder called MyPES 2017 in the main PES folder.
    What am i missing?

  4. Ok, thank you.
    To clarify for those, like myself, who haven’t done any of this before;

    1)Download MyPES2017 here
    2)Download the DP list generator
    3)Run the MYPES exe
    4)Locate the 3x .cpk files where you installed MYPES2017 using DPL gen, check them, change DLC to 1.0 from drop down menu, and then click generate.
    5)Stick the 3x .cpk files (mp01.cpk, mp02.cpk, mp03.cpk) and the newly generated DPfilelist.bin into the “downloads” folder in your PES2017 base install.

    Hope this helps any other noobs xxx