Konami welcomes reports on any interruptions with players who you think may be breaking the terms of service by playing unfairly online.

PES PlayFair

Before reporting, please make sure that you check the following steps:

– If you feel that you are having trouble playing online, please go through our troubleshooting articles or contact our dedicated KONAMI C.O.D.E. Team who will be able to help you.

– If your Courtesy Rating has gone down, please read our article about how it works here.

– Please check our article about how your report can be considered as invalid here.

– In the spirit of fair play, be aware that the PES Team will also act upon false reporting.

– You can block players with the Match Block list option in PES. You will find how to do so on our KONAMI C.O.D.E. – Consumer Dedicated Environment.

To submit your report, send one email for each interruption that you want to report to cr_uk@konami-europe.net with:

– ‘Interruption PES 2015’, ‘Interruption PES 2016’ or ‘Interruption PES 2017’ (depending on the game) as the subject for every report.

– COPY AND PASTE the below text into the body of your email and fill in ALL the appropriate information (missing information will make your report invalid) –
*Platform (Xbox360®, XBOne®, PC, PS4® PS3®) –
*Date of incident –
*Your Player Name (name inside PES, not your SteamID/account or email address) –
*Your opponent’s Player Name –

Also, please give a description of the instance/interruption that occurred in one line. Please don’t include any attachment (video links will not be considered).

This email address is for reports only. Do not submit any other query as it will not be answered. Invalid reports will not be considered and might also be sanctioned.
Please be aware that we cannot accept reports from North or South America. Please visit the support page for KONAMI in North and South America for more information regarding this.

Report and Read More on this page and here.

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