Dino Editor 2017 Version 1.2 by Starvin and Smeagol75

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Here we are again with Dino Editor. I updated last year tool because many work was done and I want to finish some bugs and problems I left last year due personal live, this year is the same tool, you could do same things than past but I fixed the playerappareance, bootlist and glovelist rearegment of files to try to fix that problems, and now create team auto-generate 16 new players and a new slot for tactics and a new slot for formation as some people asked. This is first and beta release if no bugs, maybe last one, I have started this year studies and need all my free time. If some spare time I´ll try to fix or improve but this year be patience and use this tool while lagun-2 finish Team Editor, I´m sure will become the tool and hope he have more free time, I could try to help him too. Hope understand the situation.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ee52umqlxgs69c/DINO EDITOR 2017 v1.2.rar?dl=0

for test purpouses, hope finally fixed
https://www.dropbox.com/s/euhzfdln2bqgmsr/Dino Editor 2017 v_Test.exe?dl=0

Thanks to all that help without personal ego or interest!

Needed files from dt10.cpk and if there is a dlc replace old ones with the dlc ones:


You could change files over the pesdb, if you want to change playerappareance or GloveList or BootList found on the cpk where allocated and put on same folder than pesdb, If any one want to help please make a tutorial about tool usage, I have no free time for that. Thanks.

Please make a Backup of your files Always, this is a tool and I make many mistakes!
New version Fixed Task manager issue and Player assignment problem. T

hanks Joker5 for good explanation.

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