PES 2016 Unofficial PTE Patch Update AIO by ramin_cpu


Features :
* Added new faces (total of 30 Facebook)
* Update national team kits
* Added New scoreboard
* Added New turf
* Added new font
* Added Adboard Pack Version 2
* Updated 16/17 season kits
* Update the composition and number of players
* Updated 16/17 season transfers until 9 August

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  1. Hi: Next time ¡¡¡PUT THE CREDITS OF THE AUTHORS!!! (the scoreboard is mine), the editors don´t work for you , RESPECT THEM, IF ONLY FOR ONCE ¡¡¡ … I have nothing against your business, but do not bite the hand that feeds you , and please . don´t use shortlinks full of S-H-I-T …

  2. Our bad! Next time will have credits, or will not be approved on site. Patches without credits are not approved, we missed this one :|

    Also, waiting from ramin_cpu to add credits for this.

    • Hi HagI : it´s not your bad .. every patchmakers or compilationsmakers know what they must do … but “no credits=no post” is a great position .. thanks and keep up your great work …

  3. hello i install the filies but the game didnt read them i think it says error of version but am on the last one, wat could be the problem here?

  4. Nice work ! I tested now this and it is working fine so far except i found a mistake for Mukhtaryan in Man United has no face but i will make a video now to show how to Install this Unofficial Patch and also how to fix that muktharyan face, one little thing: Just re-shorten your links in adfly or shortest or uoi.ou as your current shortened links can harm the Computers of non techie people! So i will put my own links until i wait for you to change your shortened links and add them in my video description ok!

  5. dudde please, who can i install new kits cpk? i can´t make work , help me please.

    cpomo puedo instalar nuevos kits? no puedo hacer que funcione ayuda porfavor