EPL 2017 Full Scoreboard and Replay by Aly Elshaarawy

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You can choose the channel logo Bein Sport & Sky Sport

Also Replay

By Aly M. Elshaarawy

Team : Pesegy

Note: Previews are GIFS. Click the previews to see them rolling as GIFS.

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  1. Hola, este Marcador me cierra el juego al momento de Jugar la UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE, ojala lo puedan arreglar………..

  2. Man it will be better if players sub/card placed just under the scoreboard.
    i’m using non wide screen and it annoys me when taking set piece after subs/card.

  3. Nice work, but there are some bugs. Timer is misplaced, asimmetrical flaws, missized logo, and the EA sports logo, Really? Oh, maybe a no-tv-logo version is considerable, as I hate to see it while playing the game. Probably you can fix them on the next update.