PES 2016 OF Update Aug. 21 PTE Patch 6.0 by ramin_cpu


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Credits : Mackubex

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  1. Hey Ramin! thanks for your work, but if you can please: Do an unofficial update PTE 6.2 And i will do a video about it and post it in my YouTube Channel (as i did for the PTE 6.1 by you) . including these:

    – latest transfers
    – new kits for teams and clubs
    – correct lineups (if you can)
    – fix mykhtariyan face and other faces.
    – keep original font of the game
    – keep the scoreboards of PTE patch (because adding that last scoreboard in PTE 6.1 , you can’t change to other scoreboards in PTE program)
    – Keep original Adboards (because your adboards also can not be changed)
    and finally please use Adfly or shortest or , because your previous ads links are full of viruses and malware that may harm others’ computers.

    • Thank you so much Ramin for the update, and Del Choc for writing the whislist above, absolutely agree with all of them. I think this is the best unofficial update for pte 6.0 so far.

      Here’s from me:
      – I love how you keep (most of) the players stats, so the gameplay feels more “original”
      – Team lineups are quite there, just need a little fine tunes
      – No messed up white arms because of the tattoos, which is good
      – And I agree that you should make an update PTE 6.2 to make it more perfect!

      Love our work, cheers!

  2. Thank U so much Del Choc my brother to report these problems to Ramin just because I’m also experiencing them, Please Ramin_CPU can U please please do what “Del” has put in the Wishlist. We humble ourselves.

  3. After downloading these three files…. These files are damage when using winra to extract them… How can I solve dat? Or can you please just make another one dat people can only download d edit/cpk file instead of extracting after downloading please help me this is the first time am complaining about your work help me..

  4. Error Borussia Dortmund vs Bayer Munich, loading and loading but no with BAYER MUNICH and Borusia Dortmund… what’s the error?