La Liga 2016-17 Scoreboard New Design FINAL

Preview PES2016 LaLiga 16-17 Scoreboard Design Final Version Update by JesusHrs


– Jenkey1002
– sxsxsx
– Barys
– ElPocho96
– mb_force
– ljq12697
– Txak

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  1. Hi JesusHrs, great work, as always :) I extracted Pes 2017 scoreboard from xbox demo and I have difficulties to fix some bugs, as I know that you have an huge experience on editing scoreboard, can you contact on my facebook page ( to provide some needing help, thx bro :)

    • Hi mate: I have not Facebook , but you can contact with me in Pes Patches forum ..send me a PM and I´ll try to help you if that is possible ..regards