PES 2016 Biggest Kit Pack Ever 2016/17 (80 Teams) by yxussef

Download PES2016 Season 2016-17 Biggest Kit Pack Ever With 80 Teams by yxussef

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* Note: I made none of these kits, I just collected them in one pack.

* Credits:
MT Games
and all other kit makers.

Password: halamadrid

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  1. “* Note: I made none of these kits, I just collected them in one pack.”
    A question: if you have not none of these kits .. why you reupload them and post them? … all them are already published by their authors … for to win some money with the work of others ? … people like you are slowly killing the Pes Edition … do you know how many hours of work there are in those kits? … Thousands … and “your work”? how much .. ten minutes? … you laugh in the face of authors and many are already quite sick of people like you … This should be a place for creators, not to merchants … a pity , really a pity …

    • Are all pes users can deal with the cpk files and editing stuff? no.
      I collected them in one pack, they can easy reach. and without using tens of cpk files in download folder. all in one pack. I also fixed some .bin files.
      if you can collect them by yourself. many others can not.

      • Ha Ha .. very good ¡¡¡ if the users can add your cpk , they can add also the originals cpk´s. This is the same excuse for all the compilators … sorry , it´s not valid …
        Your reason is the money , not the users guy .. learn to make kits , make the kits that yet are not made and share them with the community .. that is to think in the users , not S-T-E-A-L the work of modders really ,reupload them , fill them of shortlinks and adflys and win the money with their work … it has another name … S-T-O-LE ¡¡¡¡

        • brother, you have no point.
          I searched for every 2016/17 kit on the website. I chosen the best ones. I collected them in one cpk file. that took hours.
          no one offers you a pack contain kits of 80 teams. the biggest pack you’ll find contains 20-30 teams. every kit pack have the same exact teams. I compare all kits and choose the best ones.
          and if you’ll add the original cpks, then you’ll add tens of cpks with duplicated kits and the game will not work as you have a maximum amount of cpk files you can add.
          you’re a foolish one.

    • Hey.. its no problem man. I know he reupload my works, but he gave me a credit and he told to all player that he just collected from another kitmaker, and for me, its normal in pes modding world. Just like a patch, the pather collected the kit, face, and boots from various author and pack them and give him a credit. Enjoy.

    • Stop bitching man, he’s not a “thief”, WTF??
      He already said that none of this kits are his, he just regrouped them in one cpk, which is amazing, you must be thankful, why all the fucking hate??

      • thankful ??? of course I´m thankful .. but to MRI_20 , NemanjaBre and all the kitmakers .. I have these kits time ago in my PES men , downloaded from theirs ORIGINAL LINKS AND AUTHORS SITES ¡¡¡ .. anyway if you read my comments and even do not understand, it is useless to try to explain it .. have a nice day …

  2. why the GK kits in some teams are bug the keeper is disappeared in the match at some of teams .. please answer me

  3. Ok .. ok .. MRI_20 … yxussef obviously is right , I´m a foolish … have a nice day buddy … and enjoy also ¡¡ :)

    • But , for me , yxussef and the people like him , are and will be ever a parasite … looking for the maximum benefit with minimum effort, obviously MRI_20 , you’re like them .. I am not this way I said before .. have anice day , buddy ..

    • No JesusHrs.. i never say you are a foolish, its just my opinion and im not take side to anyone.. one again, its just my opinion, friend. Dont be mad :)

      • I´m very happy when a Patchmaker take my works and put them into his patch , and he put my credits .. because I feel I am contributing to make something great for PES and PES community , because them create something to improve the PES , like me .. in their patches ever they add somenthing new , something of yours … but not when people like yxussef ,compilators, take all my work months , put all togheter in a Pack , reupload them , fill it with adfly , and post them , only for win money with my work … yxussef and people like him , are not modders friend , make no mistake , they are merchants who profit from the work of others … I respect your opinion , but I do not share it … regards

  4. For next update, you should focus on your patch which you used.
    You should decide which patch you used.

    I hope you can add kits for other european team too. Ex : Anderlect, Galatasary, Fenerbahce, etc
    Some teams at PTE patch have different ID from Prof patch.