PES 06 Firebird Patch 2017 by Firebird Team

Download PES06 Firebird Patch 2017

– HD Graphics
– All team stadiums
– Internal stadium for Master League (credit to EFL Patch)
– Sweetfx
– PES 6 Internal Resolution Modifier up to 3840×2160(Ultra HD/4K) by Kingsley813
– Improved players skin
– EURO 2016 kits update


Video Preview:

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  1. 1. The download link is wrong.
    2. There’s NO FIREBIRD PATCH SEASON 2017. Maybe they will make it, but for now the last version of firebird patch is for season 2015/2016 with EURO 2016 update, but not 2017 !

    Before you post something here, make sure you get it from proper source, here’s i give you the OFFICIAL GROUP OF FIREBIRD PATCH FACEBOOK

  2. How u can name that it is new 2017 patch when its not??! I dont understand ,all transfers are old,it isnt avgust transfers!!!

  3. People. This is just like a BETA version of this patch. Just to see how it looks with some of the transfers for now, of course that it is not 2017 because the transfer period isn’t finished yet.