PES 2016 UEFA Face Pack For PTE Patch 6.0 by Purp Mete

Download PES2016 UEFA Facepack PTE v6.0 by Purp Mete


ALL in ONE CPK. 1403 FACES :

– 184 Faces EPL
– 72 Faces SKYBET
– 115 Faces Ligue 1
– 23 Faces Ligue 2
– 203 Faces Serie A
– 67 Faces Serie B
– 87 Faces Eridivisie
– 166 Faces BBVA
– 58 Faces Adelante
– 46 Faces NOS
– 123 Faces Bundesliga
– 198 Faces Other European Teams
– 61 Faces Free Agent

SIZE 3.95 GB

I give you a folder of list player
I give you list player who need reset appearance


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  1. I have a problem : when I try to open de EDIT file with SCE2016 I receive the annoying error with ”unhandled exception has occured in your application”. In the end it says that ”Could not find a part of the path ….\temp\data.dat”. I must mention that I have already tried to run the SCE2016 as admin or change the prestige level of the aplication in order to be run as admin. Any solutions ? Please ?

  2. I tried to reset the appearance following the instructions but it doesn’t work, it just resets to the standard PES face. Any advice?

  3. Just use UEFA FACEPACK for PTE 5.4
    If you use this facepack, you will lose Ousmane Dembele, Renato Sanches, etc faces
    Because PTE already add those faces at PTE 6.0, so i delete it in this pack.

    • I can make a video but for what ? Maybe I will just show my best Faces. You can check by yourself.
      I already give you a list player

  4. Hello, thanks for the face. Is it from the pte 5.4? And little addition of a few faces? Btw, thanks again.

  5. Faces are really good but few faces like dzeko , totti are better before so how can i make those particular faces look like before

      1. Copy this cpk file to your download folder ini your PES 2016 folder
      2. Generate with DPFILELIST GENERATOR
      3. ENJOY

  6. i cant get alot of the cpk opened with cri packed file maker version 3.60….for example from 5308.cpk down to 9333.cpk and about 50 others…when i drag these files over into the program it says ‘failed to analyse’ …help needed

  7. I don´t have problem. Thanks for the work. Only one thing, when i see the face of Reyes (R.Sociedad) the game crashed.

  8. Una duda , lo instalo todo pero se me borran los datos de la bundesliga , el Borussia tiene jugadores que no son de ese quipo como los demás euqipos de la Bundesligaaaa , AYUDAAAAA

  9. Dear Mete, i really struggling for install this face pack. I’ve got corrupted file, i’ve been re-download,, but the result always same. I noticed that part 1 always corrupted. I’ve been shut down my anti virus, low speed IDM, new update winrar, but the result always the same. Please help me