PES 2016 Final Gameplay Patch by Harlock

Download PES16 Final Game Play

I made the last gameplay for PES 16.
Do not expect too much new since I have changed only something that is.
Maybe someone will like, and who on the contrary.
So write in the comments about your impressions!


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  1. Harlock u are simply the Best. Without your gameplay creation I would not have enjoy this game. Thanx for u and for those who have created the gameplay patch May god bless you.

  2. gameplay is good like before.ı think this is harder.cpu is more agressive but the first think ı look is referees fouls and cards..
    but ı just tried it witth dt18(without your exe)

  3. Yair gameplays are the best…the others.i dont even bother to try them anymore…thats my opinion obviously…hoping pes 2017 will not be disappointing like pes 2016..even with the best gp patch…

  4. ball physic is the best thing but AI defense not that hard i can give that game play 8/10
    any way thank u for that good work