VirtuaRED Patch 2016 version 1.2 Released 22.05.16

Download VirtuaRED Patch 2016 1.2

– Compatibility with DLC 3.0 and 1.04 Konami patch. Added Live Update 14/04/2016.
– Updated Liga Argentina 2016 with promoted teams (CA Patronato y CA Tucumán). Descended teams (CM Crucero del Norte y CA Nueva Chicago) moved to Other America.
– Updated Supercopa Argentina 2015 with CA Boca Juniors and CA San Lorenzo de Almagro.
– Created 5 Europa League teams (Legia Warszawa, Rosenborg BK, KF Skënderbeu Korçë, Besiktas JK and Fenerbahçe SK) and Haiti national team.
– Fixed the nationality for some players.
– Added 560 new faces. Updated 77 faces. Total faces: 2183.
– Euro 16 scoreboard with BeIN Sports logo.
– New logo at the top bar of the menu.
– Added ball Nike Ordem 4 Ciento Copa América Centenario 2016. Updated ball UEFA CL Finale Milano 2016.

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– Updated adboards for UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, Copa Libertadores 2016, AFC Champions League 2016, UEFA Euro 2016. New adboards for CSKA Mokva.
– Updated Online mode adboards for UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Recopa Sudamericana, AFC Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro, Copa América, AFC Asian Cup, Africa Cup of Nations.
– Created and linked the 6 missing Champions League teams, and 4 teams for Europa League (RSC Anderlecht, FC Lokomotiv Moskva, SK Rapid Wien y FC Krasnodar).
– Licensed all the national coaches.

Installation of the patch with a comfortable and easy desktop app, from which you can access to all the download links quickly and clearly. All the instructions are included as well, please follow them strictly.



Special thanks:
– Very thanks to the VRED Team members: Txak, Cronos, Juaniyo, Secun1972, Meryoju, Tote_Alkor, Gnen, Tibinator, and Tizziano. Without their help, this patch and its updates wouldn’t be possible.
– Eternally grateful to people like Juce, Obocaman, Barcafan, Jenkey1002, Goldorakiller, W!ld@, or Razib_46. Their tools make us easier the edition task.

– Database completely edited and managed by Txak.
– Home stadiums linked to respective teams by Txak.
– Adboards linked to competitions/teams/national teams by Cronos.

Option File:
– Teams, Players, and Formations created completely from scratch by Txak.
– Option File updated and managed by Txak.
– Sleeves badges and balls linked to respective competitions by Cronos.

– Faces compiled and tested by Gnen.
– Faces and hairs by Abbasstark, Abdallah Tamer, Agiga, Alex7, Allan Souza, AM, Amir27, Amir.Hsn7, Ancomata, Andrews, Andrey_Pol, Andri_Dexter11, Autentiko, Beats, Bono10, Bou7a, Brilyan, Carzg, CgM2k7, Cleiton Silva, CR7facemaker, DanielFaceMaker, Dantezalazar, Dexter, DzGeNiO, Elemander, Elmodamer2010, Elprodìco, EmreT, Emre0796, Emre Kaya, Euler, Everest9, Fabler, Fampei, Fampei89, Fede, Footballmania, Futsur, Gemy87, Gleidson, Godra94, Gonduras2012, Grkm, Hawke, HD3011, Hosam, Jack, Jelly, JohnDeere, JokernatioN, Jonathan, Kairzhanov, Kingsley, K0H, Kpt1, Kruptsev, Kukus, Kvas, Lincoln, love01010100, Lucas, Luc01, Luisimo666, LuzDa, M4TT3R, Marcéu, Mario, MarioMilan, Markn, Mauro, Maxi534, Mayaro, Mayo, Maze32, Memer, Milagro, MinchoSheen, Mizar710, MoHa, Mystiq, Oguz Emre, Oleh, PantelG7, Phenom, Phenomenon, pogoss, Prince Hamiz, Prince Shieka, Professional, Rahul, Razor, Rednik, Reus11, Sameh Momen, SantanAji, Savio, Saviogoncalves1995, Sekiz, Shaft, Shaggy, Shamrik_gunners, Shemrik, siuhangtam, SmithFacemaker, So-Yul, Sokratis, Sotirakis, Steet, Spirit, Spiritusanto, Steet, Stev King, Straone, Tarcisio, Tunizizou, TwistedLogic, UserDJ, Yasin02, Vangelis, Vlad_Ryaboshapka, Windhook, Wygno, Ziutkowski, Znovik_S
– Kits compiled and tested by Juaniyo, Cronos, Tote Alkor, Tibinator, Meryoju.
– Kits by 4N63l (selfbias77), Aemza-Kun, AgamSF, aLe, Amir27, Astracell, Baris Yerlikaya, Bilgehan, Buffon 99, Cofi_Delija, Cronos, Emre Aydin, Gerlamp, Jappyjoker, Juaniyo, Klashman69, Kolia V, kuzmich, marckldu, meryoju_, NemanjaBRE, PESEdit, Santy_Argentina, Tikkio, Tote_Alkor, Txak, vadim_95, VirtuaRED TEAM..
– Referee kits by Cronos, and Tunizizou.
– Sleeves badges by Cronos.

– Unlock 24 gloves by Boonaun.

– Unlock 100 boots by PolarisNine.
– Bootpack by WENS (2.0).
– Special thanks to Konami, Boonaun, Sxsxsx, Tunizizou, AlphatextURE ,19tha, Abu Ubaidah.

– All balls compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Balls by Cronos, Danyy77, Ppaaggpp, SG.

– Team/nations/competitions logos by Cronos and PESLogos, added by Cronos.
– Scoreboard TV logos by Txak.
– Minor graphic modifications by Secun1972 and FranJavi.
– PS3/XBOX360 buttons and GamePad by A20Group. GamePad PS4 by Cronos.
– Canal+ HD Replay file usm by 67058040, adapted by Secun1972.
– Better supporters and rain effect by Fruits.
– Offside line by Gabe.paul.logan.
– New screen backgrounds by Meryoju.
– Coach photos by Txak.

– Adboards compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Adboards by Cronos, everest9, G-Style, Ganugunners, Hang u, Hicksville, Majuh, Mephobia, Randerscheinung, supalids, Txak, UllaMaron, Vangheljs, Zikint.
– Stadiums compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Stadiums by Boonaun, Konami, Tizziano, Txak, Vangheljs, Yucel11.
– Stadium previews by Meryoju, Cronos.
– Turfs by Cronos, Fruits, L4vezz1.
– Jimmy Cam and coaches moving by Sxsxsx.

Audio + video:
– UEFA Europa League intro movie by Secun1972.

Update 13 June 2016: New Fix for Patch 2016 v1.2

– Fix the problem found on Vallecas stadium.
– Added new turf for Main Menu UEFA Euro stadium.

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  1. Isso é o de menos. queria saber se o EDIT00000000 do jogo é compativel com outros EDIT00000000, se for compativel funcionará qualquer outro pack de tattoos

  2. I am trying to make my own team in Europe. But all teams are licensed and changes are locked. I’ve tried to edit VRED_Database.cpk, editing byte next to team “06” to “04” as I found that it is for licensing, but game crashes at start, so probably I miss something.
    Any help how can I make my team in Europe for Master League? Or if it is possible to move team from PAS to Other team in Europe.