PESEdit 10 v3.0 For Euro 2016 + Copa America by minosta

PESEdit 10 3.0 Update For Euro 2016 Download PESEdit 10 v3.0 Update For Copa America 2016

New Two Graphics ” Euro and Copa America ” By MR.LAK
New Scoreboard ” Euro – Copa America ”
Add Euro New Teams Albania , Iceland …etc
Add Copa America Teams Haiti …
Add New Kits For Euro 2016 Teams
Add New Kits For Copa2016 Teams
New Start Screen Euro 2016 and Copa America 2016


Credit : Minosta Team, MR.Lak

Special Thanks : Prince Houssam , MR.Lak , konami dz , pes patch , akonami , ….. , pesegy .

How To Install :

STEP 01 : Is necessary have the PESEdit10 v3.0 Patch installed
STEP 02 DownLoad PESEDIT 10v3.0 Update EuRo 2016 And Copa America Centenario 2016
STEP 03 Copy img folder and kitserver13 folder To Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Folder
STEP 04 Copy ” KONAMI ” Folder To Documents

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  1. Fix the bug with the Bosnia national selection.There is Albania flag and names and faces of Bosnia player.Fix that than upload.

  2. Everything is great but the formations menu is kinda awful, it’s kinda transparent and too shiny, it really hurts the eyes.
    Besides that, this is all awesome, great work.

  3. I don’t have Iceland, Albania, Haiti. I have Chequebeiro instead of Darmstadt and more… Help!!!!!!!!!!!!