PES 2016 Tattoo Reset For PTE Patch 5.4 By Sofyan Andri

PES2016 2016-06-19 07-02-46-231

Features :

– Fix Home Ground
– Full Formation
– Full Tatto “Tattoo Pack 400 by Marcéu”


How To Install :

1). Copy in folder “save” to C:\Users\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save
2). Copy “ZzzzzzZZ__Tattoo.cpk” in folder “Tattoo Pack 400 by Marcéu” to C:\Program Files(x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\download and generate from “DpFileListGenerator”
3). Copy PES2016 file to directory PES 2016
4). Copy “tm_patcher” in folder “tm_patcher 0.5 v1.04.00 by sxsxsx” to directory PES 2016
5). Run As Administrator “tm_patcher” Apply
5). Enjoy The Game

Special Thanks :

– PTE Patch
– Marcéu
– Sofyan Andri

Credit :

– Marcéu
– Hamza
– Ludvan
– Spledids
– Kenshin & Killerito
– hawke
– tunizizou
– donyaviagraphicpes
– sxsxsx
– Insomnia25
– donyavia
– Rob Khensin
– Affan Ardianto
– Rama

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    • Thank you for using tattoos reset, I’m no problem to master league mode, but I shall look back.

  1. Will be there players with black hand like Morata, etc ?
    And same question with Law, will my game crash if I play master league ?
    Thank you for this

  2. Not working… After apply it my game version change from {1.05.00 data 4.0} to {1.04.00 data 3.0}…Please solve it… Thanks

  3. When gameplay camera why player use tattoo likes black or white hand? but no when replay camera. Is there problem same with me?

  4. Can we get the player list with tattoos please!? It works perfect but some need to be reseted so thats why we need the list.. 400 is a lot

    • Thank you for using tattoos reset

      There are some players that I have not been reset because there are many faces that are lacking in PTE Patch 5.4 so users must download a new face and reset back.

      400 List Team Player tattoo PES 2016 you can see in the forum.

  5. hello how are you, it is very strange because I follow your tutorial as it is and use the DpFileList Generator v1.6 by Baris DLC 4.0 NEW UPLOADED and every time I entered the game switches to DLC 3.0 and truth not to do

  6. hey amigo, perdon molestarte tanto pero sera posible que suban de nuevo el PES2016.exe, intente de todas las maneras posibles y siempre me sale datapack 3.00, porfavor solo sube ese archivo de nuevo quedaria muy agradecido

  7. hey friend, sorry to bother much but it will be possible to rise again PES2016.exe try all possible ways and always leaves me Datapack 3.00, please just upload the file again be grateful

  8. Keliatan tatto nya cuma pas di replay, kalo lagi main tangannya jadi kaya pake baju lengan panjang sama ada sarung tangannya gitu..
    Solusi dong gan

  9. I said that in game i have this problem , with replay it’s ok but when i play the arms have the same color of the shirt. Try putting an image in game with medium or low settings and not during replay.

  10. i have a problem in tatto pack , with replay it’s ok but when i play the arms have the same color of the shirt. Try putting an image in game with medium or low settings and not during replay.
    My game is LOW !!!!
    please help -ill delete him if this problem not fixed :(