PES 2016 License Patch v1.1 For DLC 4.0

Download PES2016 License Patch 1.1

Update 1.1 Features :

* Added full Bundesliga (correct kits and logos)
* Fix bugs of the previous version
* New kit 16/17 season Swansea City
* Update Euro 2016 (Fix Squads EURO 2016 and -Fix Squads Number and Fix Formation.


This update needs installed firsts the v1 version here.

Credits : PTE patch Team, madn11, Lagun-2, Stephan Tanjiro, PES ID, G-Style, Jaya Nur Ihsan, IDK.

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  1. candreva has parolo’s face, ronaldo has coentrao’s , kantè has kondogbia’s… and many other errors like these

  2. I found a fix for the players names .. just delete edit.bin from my documents / Konami / saves

    that is the fix i found

    sorry for my bad english

  3. I found fix for players names .. just delete : Documents/Konami/Pes 2016/save/edit00000.bin

    sorry for my bad english

          • the bundesliga will be deleted .. but to have the teams names and logos you must add license patch 1.0 and license patch 1.1 to dpfilelist.bin in dowload folder in your game directory .. and just delete the edit0000.bin in your pes 2016 save folder in my documents .. !! don’t delete anything just the edit0000.bin !! this step is recommended for having the correctaly teams names and logos

            sorry for my bad english

  4. @hossom, I did your every advices but now I have “Man Blue,Pes United,North London,London Fc etc.” and I lost Galatasaray. Now my pes 2016 is as The first version. just I have offical team’s logos and kits, and in Peu Leauge(Bundesliga),offical player left me :D I hope you will find an another fix :)

  5. Found a fix, takes very long, but you need in edit go to teams and from every teams every player seperate and then the button to reset, it works, but like I said it takes a very long time.