PES 2016 UCL Winners v1.0 For PTE Patch Update 5.1

Download UCL Winners Update 5.1 by Fast Eagle

Team List:

Barcelona 2015 (player stats from pes 2015 pesdb & pesmaster)
Real Madrid 2014 (pes 2014 pesdb & pesmaster)
Bayern Munchen 2013 (pes 2013 pesdb & pesmaster)
Chelsea 2012 (pes 2012 pesdb & pesmaster)
Barcelona 2011 (pes 2011 pesdb & pesmaster)
Inter 2010 (pes 2011 pesdb & pesmaster)
Barcelona 2009 (pes 2010 edit file from PES2010_EDIT1114-Iceeman)
Manchester United 2008 (pes 2009 ps2)
AC Milan 2007 (pes 2008 ps2)
Barcelona 2006 (winning eleven 10 ps2)

Only works with PTE PATCH Update 5.1


1) Copy “EDIT00000000” file to pes 2016 save folder (but first backup the original one)
2) Copy “UCL winners.cpk” to pes 2016 download folder
3) Generate DpFileList.bin

If you find some error, please report.
Don’t use any of our work without permission.

Allah SWT
PTE patch
Ahmed Kralani
DpFileList Generator v1.6
Facepack Classico Pes 2016 – By Cleiton Silva e Lucas Horst (Lucio)
Classic Facepack by Chiheb27 (Materazzi & Cordoba)
PES 2016 Classic Facepack by Sameh Momen (Maldini, Zanetti & Puyol)
PES Next-Gen Editor
Lagun (some faces)
[PC] Face Converter v1.4
PES2014 Oriol Romeu by AM




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  1. Interesting. I’ll try it and I’ll post my opinion afterwards.
    Anyway those teams could have more players. That’s the only bad thing I can say for now.

      • Good , hopefully friend who can add tattoos and kis own teams of the UCL Winners ! Thank you for your contribution is valued too corduroy.
        I incidentally works to perfecion with pet pach 5.0 , the only thing that all faces not so correct.

  2. can you put it the real kits for the teams? i mean the real kit for barcelona 2009 or inter 2010 kit.

  3. Look forward to it , but I have a Q? about putting a cpk in the D’ld folder and then . 3) Generate DpFileList.bin. I have done this with 5.1 for the No Replay Logo that’s putting the cpk for that in the D’ld folder and generating a DpFileList.bin. What it does, it wipes out half of the teams in the Other European Clubs when I use the recomended No Replay Logo ap, it does take out the replay logo but only for the Konami logo not the European Championship logo. I don’t know what else using the No Replay Logo cpk to 5.1 ? Its just stands out in the OET part as about 40 teams go to 20, if it has made other changes I’ve not investigated that far in. Again I did use the No Replay Logo ap the PTE team gave me the link for .. Anyone know of a way or an updated version of the No Replay logo that doesn’t take half the teams in O.E.T.

  4. I following ur tutorial but when i open the game it crash when edit data loaded any suggestion ?

    • It working fine without your update sorry man i wish i could use ur awesome work but doesn’t work for me regrads

  5. hey, it works fine and everything is great but if you wanna make it perfect you gotta put the real kits my friend! great work tho keep it up ;)

  6. Hi,
    If I replace the “EDIT00000000” file is that will delete a player or team from PTE patch? or just apend your update to PTE patch?

  7. Also another question I’ve modified some players ages if I replace the “EDIT00000000” is that will remove my modification?