PES 2016 Tattoo Reset For PES Professional Patch 3.1 By Sofyan Andri


Features :

– Add New Classic Player
– Full Formation
– Full Tatto “Tattoo Pack 350 by Marcéu”


How To Install :

1). Copy in folder “save” to C:\Users\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save
2). Copy “ZzzzzzZZ__Tattoo.cpk” in folder “Tattoo Pack 350 by Marcéu” to C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\download and generate from “DpFileListGenerator”
3). Copy PES2016.exe to directory PES 2016
4). Copy “tm_patcher” in folder “tm_patcher 0.5 v1.04.00 by sxsxsx” to directory PES 2016
5). Run As Administrator “tm_patcher” Apply
5). Enjoy The Game

Special Thanks :

– PES Professional Patch Official
– Marcéu
– Sofyan Andri

Credit :

– Marcéu
– Hamza
– Ludvan
– Spledids
– Kenshin & Killerito
– hawke
– tunizizou
– donyaviagraphicpes
– sxsxsx
– Insomnia25
– donyavia
– Rob Khensin
– Affan Ardianto
– Rama

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  1. It’s working well for Professiona 3.1 :)
    Thank you.

    Can you make it for PTE 5.1
    I already try all Tattoo pack edited in here, but when i play masterleague. My game crash.

  2. Gak bro crash kok bro tapi sekarang gue pakai PTE 5.1 dengan mode tattoo. Gak crash bro :)
    Addboard PTE 5.1 jgn lo check saat generate cpk2 lo. Tapi hasilnya addboard pakai addboard KONAMI :D

    • bro pake addboard estarlen silva yang bukan buat pte yg aja. work barusan nyoba. Mantep sekarang skrng cpk face ane udah 4gb ditambah tatoo jadi lebih realistik. Thanks bro akhirnya ketemu masalahnya di addboard