PES 2016 New Gameplay PS4 for PC by Bârã El Aeesa

Preview Gameplay

– Gameplay Like PS4
– Improved Guards Such As Displayed In The Video
– Improved Defense
– Improved Artificial Intelligence
– Improved Payment
– Improved Scrolling Way
– Compatibility With Tattoo
– Etc…


CREDIT : Bârã El Aeesa

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  1. why no that Micheal guy comment here is this fake gameplay or what?i try this gameplay on master league for 1 season with Valencia cf.. win europa league n copa del rey la liga won by barca but i come 2nd ..think is a good gameplay in opion just i foul cpu more then cpu fouling me …the hell was that….work more dude come back a in month with a good gameplay, make sure everthing test it really good then post here..i dont wanna say it fake but i just to respect your work hey…..go play the more n more n more n more just it more and then u see what wrong and post the gameplay here…u want to find money here with the ads and everything ..create a gameplay with effort ….u can do it just to tweak something….to be honest i still gameplay….when u already done tweaking on the gameplay working on(if u ever did it)….u test it first before posting here just simple as that ..ok i respect your wor n effort to this….love it hate to u at all…peace n love…and get your PES ON.