PES 2016 Patch Tuga Vicio v6.0 (All in one) Release 10.05.2016

Download Patch Tuga Vicio 6.0

Compatible with:
DLC 3.0 (included)
Patch official 1:04:00 (Included in PES Selector)

Euro 2016 100%
Champions League 100%
Europa League 80%
Other leagues 100%
Transfers January 100%
Players removed Fake
New players created
fixed coaches for all teams
All Leagues and licensed Competitions
All teams with name and emblem
Referees Kits (NEW)
New Faces (More 1500) (NEW)
Faces made in-game (over 100) (NEW)
New Goalkeeper Gloves (100) (NEW)
New balls (all competitions) (NEW)
New Boots (NEW)
Badges (NEW)

In Selector:
Selector (NEW)
LiveUpade TugaVico (NEW)
Pitch TugaVicio HD (NEW)
Smoke (NEW)
Ultra HD Graphic Patch
Scoreboards (NEW)
Scoreboards + Replay (NEW)
disable Replay
Start Screen (NEW)
Manager (NEW)
Referee (NEW)
Add New Content
PACK stages (Installing from the selector before activating) (NEW)
PACK adboards (Install from selector before activating) (NEW)
TURFMOD (Install from selector before activating) (NEW)
CHANTS PACK (Install from selector before activating) (NEW)

For Online Mode:
licensed teams (do not contain the Bundesliga)

100% compatible with the online mode, which is licensed also be in online mode.


1. Instalar Patch 6.0 (desligue o antivirus)
2. Abrir Selector (se você vai usar estadios responde Sim)
3. Escolher se jogo é original ou não… Vai adicionar update 1.04.00
4. Download e Instalar addons (se pretender)

TEAM Tuga Vicio:

Other credits:
BMPES , AFA, Kruptsev, Futsur , Znovik_S, Wygno, neto22, Cronos, Engloda, Vadim, Prince Shieka, MarioMilan, HD3011, Tunizizou, Fatih KUYUCAK, So-Yul, CRI, Mo Ha, Ginda01, Fruits, majuh, quangtri78, pesmonkey2013, Alief, exTReme, Ozy_96 PesMod, donyavia, Mohamed Triki, Jesus Hrs, Estarlen Silva, A20Group, River Jin, Franklucio, BruhDawg, mEkc10, DP13, killer1896, muske25, BlackRider1993, ljq12697, PolarisNine, Kruptsev, Futsur , Znovik_S, Wygno, Steet, Sameh Momen, Hawke, Kairzhanov, BlackBull, vangheljs , Tizziano
All Facemakers, All Kitmakers, All edit PES

juce, extream87, lagun-2, smeagol75, sxsxsx, razib_46, evowebonly

Tradução PES Selector: BOOX, shadominus.

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  1. Are the players of MX League and J League real ?
    Do you use stadium by Eatarlen Silva ?
    Can I add other faces ?

    Thank you very much

    • I’m also wondering, does the JLeague have real faces ? I took PES2016 only for the JLeague and I’ve never had a JLeague with real faces yet, even with mods/patches.

  2. It only took the whole season for someone to make a patch getting rid of all the fake teams. KONAMI needs to stop putting in so many.

  3. no funciona , cuando inicio el juego y le doy para pasar la pantalla de inicio se cierra y dici que dejo de funcionar

    • amigo.yo lo solucione de la sgte manera: hacen click derecho de donde inician el pes, propiedades, compatibilidad luego lo ponen que lo ejecute en modo de compatibilidad para windows 7 y listo y ejecutar como administrador…ami me funciono… (nose explicar bn pero hago el intento)

  4. sergio ramos, adriano and various player…hes arms and legs are all black, can you make fix error tattoo pack please??

    tuga is the best work for the moment!

  5. there’s one thing i got confused. is there any function or uses for PES 2016 Patch Tuga Vicio v6.0 (winrar) and PES 2016 Patch Tuga Vicio v6.0-FILES (winrar) after you extract the main winrar ? because when i completely installed this patch, my pes runs but it shows nothing other than dark screen. i know it supposed to appear ‘konami’ on that moment. sorry i dont understand your portuguese on that tutorial. thanks

  6. Hola, los quiero felicitar por el excelente trabajo que hacen. Realmente es increíble. Sólo quería comentar por otro lado que al querer jugar algún partido amistoso con el Inter (de Italia) o el Napoli el juego se cuelga. Queda cargando pero no pasa más nada. A alguien más le sucede lo mismo? Hay alguna solución?

  7. Works without 6.4.1 !! If you add 6.4.1 update to this one it wont work!
    Anyway, EURO squads are not correct…it looks same as 4.0 patch!!