Gameplay Mod (PES 6 Ported To PES 2016) by Raja Manalo

Download Gameplay Mod by Raja Manalo

PES 6 PS2 Gameplay ported to PES 2016 PC:
*All Gameplay Settings extracted from ISO PES 6 PS2 and ported to PES 2016 (DT18.cpk)*:
– Ball Physics
– Speed in game
– Shots (Penalties and Free Kicks)
– Passes
– Referees (Fouls)
– Goalkeepers are more stronger


Installation/Installazione: Setup
You need to select your PES 2016 Folder in the rute of my installation program:


Install 2nd step

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  1. everything is perfect just improce goalkeeper refrees and make AI more aggresive they dont foul or tackle

  2. Hagi Adrian it is possible to request one thing?
    I really want a Excell file for PES 6 Stats and Convert them to PES 2016 :(

  3. Really people still want to play something created 10 years ago?

    Lol… it’s so old, robotic and unrealistic…

  4. se riesci a portare il winning eleven 9 liveware evolution sei davvero un purtroppo il core di questo gioco(pes 2016)difficilmente si cambia…