PES 2016 Yaku Gamelay Patch v0.5 Update 03.04.16

Download PES2016 Yaku Gamelay Patch 0.5

* Compatible with DataPack 3.0 and Official Patch 1.04
* Compatible with TM Patcher v0.5 by sxsxsx
* Improved Shooting and passing
* AI really more agressive
* Improved Referees


How to Install?

1. Extract the files
2. Copy the files to your PES 2016 Directory (C:/Program Files/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2016)
3. Use TM Patcher v0.5 by sxsxsx
4. Play

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  1. No probé esta versión del parche todavía, pero quería saber si podías arreglar la defensa, porque muchas veces la agarrás con un jugador, corrés y marcan el pase, y te dejan todo el espacio libre para patear y es muy fácil.
    Otra cosa, es si podés arreglar la inteligencia de los jugadores, ya que muchas veces queda la pelota sin dueño y cuando la querés ir a buscar se va para atrás el jugador, no sé como explicarlo es raro. Si arreglás esas 2 cosas va a ser lo mejor de todo.

    • También tengo el mismo problema !!! todos los jugadores van al lado del campo, y el otro lado ningún jugador, sólo en mi equipo, fácil de marcar el gol !!!

    • También tengo el mismo problema !!! todos los jugadores van al lado del campo, y el otro lado ningún jugador, sólo en mi equipo, fácil de marcar el gol !!!

    • Derron if you want send me your feedback and tell me improves, send me a message to my mail or contact with me by direct message trough the forum
      Thank you

  2. yaku, i think that when playing against the pc it is almost as if i alone is seems laidback to just defend

  3. Creo que es mejor la 0.4 aunque los tiros han mejorado considerablemente. Yo juego con el. Exe de la 0.4 y rl dt18 DE LA 0.5. Si me permites una sugerencia…debería a ver más faltas…….muchas gracias…… Espero tu próxima actualizacion

  4. Hello my friends
    The next update will use a new system called DataBase and realistic, just like must to be PES 2017.
    I´m working hard in this.

    • how can you state something like that?no one knows how is going to be pes 2017, we dont even know if konami will make it for pc…dont fool people with these statements…you cannot fool me at least…

        • look, if you make AI shooting high sometimes(is it possible they always shoot low on second post and goal?great cheat from konami!!) and you make the referee blow the damt whiste sometimes, i am already more than happy……just these 2 things..ok?

  5. the opponent is faster than the fastest player?WTF!fix this gameplay.and every long shot,header comes to an goal.this is cheat gameplay.

  6. and also the tackling ability of a player.please lessen the tackling .make a real gameplay not a cheat gameplay.i love ur gameplay but its so many cheat.thanks

    • all this is not author fault but konami fault.this year they made a arcade gameplay, superfast, many cheats and many goals because that is what people want to have fun.they dont like pure foootball simulation, like me.but to the author i ask, where are the 600 changes you made?i cannot see any of them..

  7. author can change this arcade gameplay of pes 2016 .but before patching please watch a football match so you can see what is need to improve .

  8. I uploaded here, in this website my last update (Database+Animations+Gameplay Patch v0.6) But the admin Hagi Adrian and GenRu didnt post it. I dont know why, I hope they upload my last version.

  9. i looked your latest patch in your blog.Well, if you want to modify stats why you you dont do it with edit file and not with data10_win….that is pure nosense…and about data12_win…that has no relation at all with gameplay…that is may be why they dont post your..thing….

  10. you can just modify player stats with edit file and it is not necessary to post that data10_win 700 mb file but i tell you that even if you modify stats, that has no effect on gameplay because the stats are only named but no have real effect if you change them. Someone else did already this before you…

  11. Yaku .Kiedy można się spodziewać nowego ganplaya z poprawionymi sędziami.faul zólta czerwona kartka ? Pozdrawiam serdecznie