PES 16 Database + Animations + Gameplay Patch v1.0 by Yaku

Revolutionary Mod: (Database + Animations + Gameplay Settings have been reworked)
Over 1200 changes in (dt10_win, dt12_win and dt18_win) in 52 hours of work.

Download PES2016 Database Animations Gameplay Patch

Content (783 Mb):
dt10_win (Database): Have been improved to run with dt12 and dt18 moded.

dt12_win (Animations): First mod for PES 2016 in this .cpk
Animations have been fixed and improved, running perfectly with DP 3.0 installed and Official Patch 1.04.
-Animations improved in Celebrations, Fouls and Repetitions.

dt18_win (Gameplay Settings):
New Features “As should be PES 2017”
– Ball physics have been reworked
– IA have been improved, intelligence increased.
– AI feints and long shoots
– Better optimization
– Improved goalkeepers response.
– Improve the movement of players (IA/P1)
– Offside more real
– Better Pennalty and Fouls
– Referees have been improved
– Power in shots have been improved
– Players positions have been improved


Thanks to my partners:

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  1. Una sugerencia, en versiones pasadas del Pes, habia una opcion para usar los regates combinados, pero no era como ahora, si no que había que tocar L1 y el analógico derecho para usar los regates combinados, podrías hacer algo parecido?

  2. Hi YAKU: i really love your gameplays , but now, I think you are making a great SPAM with them … please stop it , and keep up your great work , but not release SPAM versions without any improve … :(

    // admin: mistake. double posted. here is the good one.

    • Not spam, I uploaded my patch four days ago, but I thought pespatch didnt want to upload my patch, so yesterday I uploaded my work other time, and now They posted my work twice.

  3. Twice same files, one says gameplay, and another with many more things. Both same. And he says in only 52 hours he changed even things Konami can’t. This smells like another fake from far away.

    • Not spam, I uploaded my work four days ago, you can see it in other webs, but they posted today a lot of patches. So you can see two patches in one day. I thought they didnt want to post it and yesterday I uploaded it another time.

  4. Nice work Yaku..but i have 1 problem here..i’m using your gameplay with professional patch v3.1…but when i’m replace the original cpk with yours modded cpk…some of the players hands become it your gameplay is not compatible with tattoo mode?

    • Thanks sir Adishafri. It´s comaptible but you need patch the exe with the sxsxsx´s tool (TM Patcher).

      • thanks for the answer yaku…is it tm patcher that like what you attach in your 0.5 gameplay file?
        but for this 1.0 attach 2 exe file…the PES 2016.exe and Yaku.exe….when i apply the tm patcher and run yaku.exe…the problem is still i need to apply tm patcher and run pes 2016.exe? hope you understand..

        • Bro,i think u need to rename yaku exe to PES2016 bcoz TM patcher only reads exe PES2016

  5. its great!!
    Example 1: the high ball bounced between goalkeeper and Pogba 50/50 at edge of the box, Pogba jumped higher than goalkeeper and headed the ball off the crossbar, hit the ground and hit the crossbar again and in from edge of the box.
    Example 2:Cpu is shooting regularly from outside the box
    Example 3: Ref is giving fouls for every tackle thats illegal


  6. I can’t see much difference. Quick review after 5 matches:

    Game is slower (had to up game speed one notch).
    Fouls and referees are the same.
    Offsides are the same.
    Goalkeepers are the same.
    Game performance is worse. BAD.

    Repetitions are better. Nice.
    AI team does shot sometimes from long disntance. Nice.

  7. Fake. I dont see any improve. I win Eurocup the referee did not whistle in every game and my injured players :( I just see AI very Hard, smarter, and physical ball everything else is the same thing from your previous gameplay.

    sorry man. Dislike

    • yes I did copy all the file and paste in Pro Evolution soccer 2016 folder and remplaced file. I open Yaku ゲームプレイパッチv1.0 correct?

  8. rozgrywka fajna ale brakuje kontuzji zawodników oraz sędzia w ogóle nie gwizda ,brak fauli w ogóle ,brak fauli w polu karny ,brak rzutów karnych jak dotychczas w żadnej łatce i gamplayu wszędzie tego brakuje. Czy może ktoś to poprawić ?

  9. rozgrywka fajna ale brakuje kontuzji zawodników oraz sędzia w ogóle NIE Gwizdy, brak fauli w ogóle, brak fauli w Polu Karnym, brak rzutów karnych Jak dotychczas w żadnej łatce i gamplayu Wszędzie Tego brakuje. CZY Może ktoś to poprawić?

    • please, dont spam comments here, this patch uses dt10 and dt12 based in original PES 2016 Konami to run perfectly with dt18 moded and I work very hard with my teamates and you dont say me steal work!!! It´s our work, if you dont like, dont download it but please, dont more spam like this.

    • first,Guis, you cannot use any data from pes 2015, the game will crash, just try it.second…for you yaku, if you put data 10 with modified stats fine..but..the edit file is going to override that so that is no point or it make no changes whatsoever…third..the data 12 has no effect on gameplay at all, the animations are in the exe and very hardcoded… try to reach your conclusions, i dont say anything else…

  10. Dear Users:
    This patch isn´t stolen, its work with a lot of hours with my teamates Raiko001 and Azumi1004.
    You can download my patch and try it, but if you don´t like, please dont download it. I earn nothing with this.
    You can comment your impressions, good and bad, but please, dont spam with fakes comments about stolen works…
    This patch uses official dt10 and dt12 from PES 2016, both fixed to a better experience with a dt18 modified and compatible with DP3.0

  11. This patch have been made by me, Yaku and Azumi, it was a hard work.
    You can download it and comment below about your experience, good and bad things to improve, but please, dont spam and fakes comments about our work.

    Thank you

  12. Dont spam comments users!
    You can download our work if you want, and comment but don fake and spam comments about our work.

  13. Attention:
    It was a hard work with my friends Yaku and Azumi, we are not thiefs, if you dont want, dont download it, but not more fakes comment about our work.
    We believe in our work and if we upload this is because this tool really works.

    Thank you

    • look, i am not saying its a theft but you must accept critics too..well..thes data apart from data 18 have no effect on gameplay,so… its pure placebo..also data 18 changes must be recalled in the exe otherwise has no effect on gameplay too…my conclusion?..pure placebo!

    • critics are not fake comments…they are critics….if you put data 10 modified, has no effect on gameplay, even if you modify it because the edit file is going to override all your changes..and the data 12 is only about generic animations, not gameplay animations which are in the exe and very harcoded.the only one who affects gameplay is data 18, but again, you must make changes in the exe too..otherwise is not going to have any effect too…so make your conclusion…..i just look at what you did and answer on what you did do…my conclusion?..pure placebo my friend!

  14. Hola, probé el parche y la verdad no me gustó tanto, no veo mucha mejoría en la marca ni en el ataque, juego en Leyenda con el West Ham contra equipos muy superiores como el Chelsea, Arsenal, City, etc y me es muy fácil meter goles, gano por más de 5 goles siempre. Lo que note es que el pase de pique (L1 triángulo) casi ni sirve.

  15. yaku can you delete animation after goal and fouls player are jump over other player. this make pes unrealistic .

    • Attention please:
      guys guys, who said DT12 is ganeplay? DT12 has been fixed because now when a player scores a goal celebration begins from the area of ​​the field from where I was. Before there were problems because the player appeared from an unreal area.

  16. Dear Friends:
    Now you can play with my DT18 v1.0 with two versions of PES2016.exe
    It’s up to you

    PES2016.exe Versions:
    PesYaku2016v1 + dt18 v1.0 = LogicalAI
    PesYaku2016v2 + dt18 v1.0 = HardcoreAI

    • Hey yaku, first of all i wanna say thankyou for your work! It works fine on dp2 :)
      I already tested your hardcore gameplay, it’s cool man! I’m playing in ML using Barca in Superstar level. I played versus Real Betis on their home, they were very aggressive and shot repeatedly and my GK handle it pretty tough. But after that i always making goals until 5-0 in the first half and then they start to lowering the pressure, is this supposed to be?
      I have suggestion on the movements it needs improvements to be more flexible because is still stiff.
      And last…the animations improvements, I still didn’t find that it’s still the same man

  17. This is FAKE MOD!!!!!

    Are you CRAZY ????
    “Over 1200 changes in 52 hours of work” ????

    All files as same as KONAMI released.

    dt10_win.cpk ——> CRC32=B00906C3
    dt12_win.cpk ——> CRC32=84164D49
    dt18_win.cpk ——> CRC32=E29D8940

    FAKE YAKU Files HASH Number.
    dt10_win.cpk ——> CRC32=B00906C3
    dt12_win.cpk ——> CRC32=84164D49
    dt18_win.cpk ——> CRC32=E29D8940

    AND EXE File “Stolen from Original 3DM Cracked”
    Just only rename.

    • the CRC32 must to be the same that Konami, if these codes are different pes2016 couldnt run guys.

    • Please open other mods like Yair, MVP or Harlock, you will se the same codes hex because it is neccesary to run the game

    • Yes man, I feel different too. Honestly, i’ve been comfortable using mvp77 hardcore gameplay before yaku’s gameplay released, then i’m curious about that. I think what’s wrong not to try

  18. testowałem tą grę i gra jest fajna ale sędzia w ogóle nie gwiżdze brak fauli brak kontuzji ,brak fauli w polu karnym brak kartek żólta i czerwona ,czy ktoś to może poprawic?

  19. 100% matching with KONAMI released.

    Contents in HEX Code data. (Row by Row Compared)
    Contents inside CPK package.

    100% Confirmed!!! Same KONAMI released.

  20. Hi yaku, i already checked your contents dt10_win and dt12_win with ORIGINAL KONAMI cpk (dt10_win&dt12_win) was SAME except dt18_win. It’s same as KONAMI man!!! How can you say there’s some improvements man???? :o
    As long as i know the only different is the gameplay.

    To all of you who aren’t sure, you can proof it by :
    -open in HxD editor or you can download it first for those who don’t have this apps
    -there’s toolbar called “Analysis” > File Compare > Compare or you can directly press “Ctrl+K”
    -choose the source file, you choose your KONAMI files (dt10_win or dt12_win)
    -choose your target file that you want to compare, you choose YAKU files (dt10_win or dt12_win)

    I tried to prove it Yaku dt10_win with KONAMI dt10_win and it says “The chosen files are identical” :O

    • Rio, dt10 and dt12 have been fixed to play without crash with a dt18 moded. This is clear, the gameplay patch is dt18 and pes2016.exe. They are the heart of this a big patch

  21. Rio rio rio, dt10 is the same only fixed to run with the last changed in dt18. The dt18 is the heart of our gameplay patch, dt10 only was fixed to run without bugs. You have felt the difference so thie mod isnt fake.

    • so why this dt 10 is not modified…it is not so clear…and why they dont post my comments anymore???

      • Michael67 what version of pes2016.exe are you using? V1 or V2?
        Dt10 was fixed to play without bugs with a dt18 moded. Ok? This is clear!
        Thank you

  22. Now i want to talk about the two exe posted, (the logical and the hard)why you didnt put them in one archive only, so one download only?apart from the other already posted…that make me think..are you only up to adflys(or similar) clicks?…about the gameplay, what i noticed is only less powered shots and thats it, ok sometimes AI make crosses too and stop thinking(which is good)..but AI shots(all low) and referee are just the same …1200 changes are so many you know?

  23. what i noticed is: apart from a less powere shot and AI making sometimes crosses and stop thinking, thats it.Low AI shots are still there(all low!!) and referee is just the same…these can be 3-4 changes..not 1200!!

      • ehi you!you stop it ok?if you dont like my comments, dont read them and ….may be Yair pays someone in your family, not me!..guess who??

      • you just a stupid kid trolling on me…are you having fun??and someone from your family having fun with Yair??

  24. 1200 changes, small changes in hex codes make a big change. But I like your comments Michael67, they are good to improve this patch. Can you take part in our project? You could join to us. Do you want?

  25. Dear friends:
    Who want to join to our team? I need:
    Testers to improve the patch
    Please comment below your name and send me a mail by private message.
    Thank you

      • Oh¡: it would be great to collaborate with you to improve this great game, but only if you can answer this question:
        How it´s possible that two bin files(dt_10 & dt_12) wich have been modified in 1200 hex codes , are now exactly equals to the originals ???????? … Magic?
        There is not problem with your dt_18 .. for me the best , by far (combined with PES2016.exe of Alex , because your Yaku.exe is the 3DM PES2016.EXE, renamed , without any dubt)… you have the best dt_18 … why all this circus with the other files?…regards

  26. i quote every single word JesusHrs says…why did you post 3 things in no time?may be for adflys(or similar)clicks?

  27. Of course JesusHrs, its simple. The 1200 changes have been made in my DT18, this is the key to be the best dt18 for Pes2016.
    DT10 and DT12 are based in official Konami and they have been only fixed to play without bugs and crashes with a DT18 highly moded. So in my next updates only I need modify DT18 because its the gameplay settings. I need tester to create the best DT18.

    • I´m sorry my friend … but you not convince me ..I use your dt_18 from the first version … only use that ,I do not even taste other (I’m tired of testing always the same without any improve) , I think nobody can improve it , and never .. never, it give me bugs or crashes .. it works perfect with the PES2016 of Alex , the 4.0 version ,since ever… the combination gives a fantastic gameplay … really I think that around this fantastic dt_18 you’re riding a huge circus to win money … I respect the people win money with the adflys when really works and improve his patches , but but I think this is not the case … keep on working over that great dt_18 and maybe I´ll change my mind … but for now that’s what I think … greetings

  28. Hi. Thanks for the hard work. You awesome.
    I have so many times to play in last version of your gameplay. Of course, some moments more interesting than before..BUT…
    GK – still stupid defult bot more times: hi can not handle with 90% shots on my goal; one on one – just no comments.. GK was better in ver 0.1 – 0.3.
    REF – still silence more times.
    Perhaps there is a chance to fix it, or reworked?

  29. If you want to be a tester in this project, send me a message with your name and mail in my LiveChat on my blog:

    Thank you

  30. Yaku zrób coś zeby było wiecej faul ,wiecej karetek zółta,czerwona ,faul pole karne -rzut karny leszpy sedzia wiecj gwizdac

  31. Thank you Zibi for your impressions! Do you want to be a Tester? You could help us with your knowledge…

  32. Yaku nie wiem czy jestem na tyle dobrym graczem żeby testować grę ,Ale jako przykład tego czego oczekuje w Pes 2016 jesli chodzi o faul ,kartki rzuty karne ,kontuzje -opusczenie meczu z powodu kontuzji to zobacz gre PES2009 Tam byly takie rzeczy w pózniejszych juz tego brakowało niestety :( Nie wiem czy znajde czas na testowanie gry ponieważ pracuje ale moge spróbować

  33. I enjoyed your gameplay Yaku, the problem is you saying that on dt12
    “Animations improved in Celebrations, Fouls and Repetitions”
    I expected more from your statement my friend but i didn’t see any impromevent in animations is still same as before. Besides you’re saying you fixed dt10 & dt12 to play without crash with dt18 mod, my question is which part there was improvements especially animations on dt12???
    I really expect because you offering me revolutionary mod that contains “animations and gameplay impromevents patch” based on the title that you named in this page

    • Dt10 and Dt12 have been fixed in an hexadecimal codec, its difficult to explain in few words, basically you only need my DT18 but my friend Raiko001 reccommend me to edit some parametres when you use an unofficial DT18 because the game maybe doesnt run. I reworked all the DT18 to get the best experience. I tried the game with official DT10 and DT12 and sometimes when you scored a goal and the player celebrates de goal he began the celebration in other areas… Not real. But I changed some parametres like 0012CF78 and 0023CD78 and I felt a good experience.
      The changes in DT10 and DT12 were simply for fix bugs and the big changes in game settings was in DT18.

  34. I completely agree with you Rio… the gameplay is the best , but somethings with the others files are not too much clear …

  35. Yaku, you first said there were changes in DT10 and DT12 (many “improvements” without saying exactly what changed). Now you say they are only modified to avoid crashing with DT18 modified. After checking them they are EXACTLY the same as Konami original ones.

    You first say a thing and then change it for another. But truth is this patch is a fake. Yair last one is a nice one, not this one. And before last update MVP was best one. And both of them aren´t a simple placebo like yours.

    You said you changed things other modders clearly said they couldn´t as that needed to rebuild THE GAME, and now you say those changes doesn´t exist. Stop trolling users with your fake placebo.

  36. If you don want download my patch dont download it, For me the most important is the respect. And I respect all the comments and Im expanning all about my patch.

  37. I said changes in celebrations in DT12 because when you scored a goal the player began the celebration in an unreal area. And I fixed DT10 and DT12 in some hex codecs 0383CD26 and 0837CF82.
    Yair and MVp didnt make my excellent DT18

  38. Description:
    Revolutionary Mod: (Database + Animations + Gameplay Settings have been reworked)
    Over 1200 changes in (dt10_win, dt12_win and dt18_win) in 52 hours of work.

    But then you said (after people discovered there aren´t changes in DT10 and DT12) that changes are all in DT18.

    So basically you lie about what changed, you said also:

    Animations have been fixed and improved, running perfectly with DP 3.0 installed and Official Patch 1.04.
    -Animations improved in Celebrations, Fouls and Repetitions.

    And now you say it´s only the bug incelebrations what changed.

    Also you said:

    – Offside more real
    – Better Pennalty and Fouls
    – Referees have been improved

    And none of this is true. Offside is same, no penalties, and rarely a foul, and referees are stil THE SAME.

    You are announcing changes that haven´t been done. and you still claim it´s “As should be PES 2017” ROFLOL

    Stop trolling users and be more humble.

    • Now everything it’s clear guys, there ‘s nothing to discuss regarding dt10 and dt12.
      Yaku already stated that the changes in dt12 were simply for fix bugs when we scored a goal the player began celebration in an unreal area. Respect Yaku and teams effort and time to make this patch, here just a misunderstanding.
      My focus now on gameplay, on the movements it needs improvements to be more flexible because is still stiff man

  39. The changes in the list are in the DT18! I said the true! Why lie? I dont earn nothing with lies sir. I work hard in my free time.

  40. Stop saying Yaku hasn’t done anything to improve the gameplay. Have you tested it ?
    It’s awesome and trust me, I’ve tested all the Gameplay patches and the big problem with the goalkepper and the defense is the fluidity. FIFA stays the best beacuse the game is perfectly fluid, no lags, no repetitions (or very rare) but more fluid than PES.
    And with the work Yaku done, the little thing which miss to PES to become as good as FIFA is finally here with your patch.
    I feel it since the first match and that’s still a pleasure to play with your patch.

    But I have a modified database (based on FM 2016) which can improve a lot this patch.

    So if you want to talk about it, this is my mail :

    Hope we’ll improve this patch and show everybody that your work is real and really amazing.

    • if you come here and say that FIFA is good, than i can understand how much is worth your comment…fifa good gameplay? arcade ..just same as this last pes 2016…with or without yaku patch….i am sorry(for me mostly) but i am not enthusiast like you are…

    • again..where did you see referee improved?..i didnt..and shots?all AI shots are low same before..and scores? many goals same before from both sides(sometimes more than 10), super fast like FIFA..many cheats still there…just like …FIFA!..that is why you like it..because is same like FIFA…but me ..i want PES back, not FIFA(pes 4, 5, 6 2012, and also 2015 like because football simulation like, not arcade….like FIFA!)

  41. Yaku czy mozesz cos zrobic zeby bylo wiecej faul ,zółte,czerowne karti. kontuzje pauzy 1-2-3 mecze z powodu ontuzji ?

  42. Yaku, mejora la jugabilidad, es una pavada esto, me paso a todos los jugadores y meto 7 goles todos los partidos, me re aburre jugar así. Juego con el West Ham contra equipos muy superiores y no me pueden meter 1 gol, no defienden, no atacan, no hacen nada. Jugando inspirado puedo meter más de 10 goles, es un aburrimiento total, hacé algo.

  43. hola yaku. lo primero agradecerte el parche. es bastante bueno en cuanto a faltas y los porteros estan bastante mejorados, si me permites una sugerencia deverias bajar la velocidad de juego, va muy rapido y pierde parecido con el futbol real, gracais

  44. el dt18 es buenisimo. Felicidades. Lo unico es bajar un poco la velocidad para que sea futbol total

  45. I will work with IceTea and his Database and I will improve my the speed in my DT18 to create an awesome Gameplay Patch for PES Community.

    Thnak you Victor

  46. I will work with IceTea and his Database and I will improve the speed in my DT18 to create an awesome Gameplay Patch for PES Community.

    Thank you Victor

  47. hey guys my tattoo mod is not work again, the hand and foot is white, do you have a solution for me ? i already installed tm patcher v 0.5 but still not work

  48. I love your patch Yaku! Your DT18 is amazing. Good Gks and Rfs.
    Thanks for your effot and hard work.
    Yaku you are a genius of Pes.

  49. News (11-04-16)
    Working in a new update for DT18 to improve the speed and modifying DT10 Database to add new stats with my friend IceTea based in Stats of the game Football Manager 2016.

    • Hey Yaku, here are some things that need to be improved :
      – Ball bouncing needs to be natural
      – Movements still stiff it needs to be more flexible
      – AI needs improved when shooting, they always less fortunate when try to making goals. Some are low shot, hit the crossbar, even off the mark. That’s why i feel like a goalie god, i feel like there’s magic in my goal

  50. Hi admin, why i can’t post comment here???? I already post it 3 times and didn’t appears. I just want to shared my opinion so there is improvements on this patch.

    // they are detected as spam if added multiple times. add one and if do not appear wait. if you add another one, the same, never will appear as it goes to spam section, especially if you use multiple usernames, as you do.

    • I had a long time to type it but it does not appear. I knew it could be a sentence that I type and I post repetitive making it recognizable as spam, so please make it appear if you could.
      Thanks Hagi

  51. Ball bouncing needs to be natural
    Movements still stiff it needs to be more flexible
    AI needs improved when shooting, they always less fortunate when try to making goals. Some are low shot, hit the crossbar, even off the mark.

  52. That is some things that need to be improved.

    // to prevent irrelevant commments, if you want to leave more, use the forum.

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