PES Professionals Patch 2016 Version 3 All In One (9 March 16)

Download PES Professionals Patch 2016 ver. 3

Patch Features :

  • Compatible With Data Pack 2 And Version 1.03.2
  • Compatible With Online
  • Add Egyptian Premiere League Full
  • Add Winter Transfers ( +270 transfered players )
  • Add New Players  ( +250 players ) ex : Taşçi , Rashford , Kaptoum
  • Add Chants Pack
  • Tatto Mode Included
  • Add Selector which you can switch Online/Offline Mode , Referee Kits , Scoreboard , StartScreen And More Features
  • Add 5 Uefa Champions League Teams ( Bate Borisov – Malmo – Shakhtar – Cska Moscow – Astana – Dinamo Zagreb )
  • Add 3 Uefa Europa League teams ( BESIKTAS JK – FENERBAHCE SK – CELTIC FC )
  • Add 3 New Classic Teams ( La Liga Classic Players , Premiere League Classic Players , Serie A Classic Players )
  • Real Coachs Names And Photos
  • Improve Some Players development rate in Master league
  • Stadium Pack By Estarlen Silva
  • Turf Pack By Donyavia
  • New Stadiums Preview
  • Add More Faces
  • Add Boots Pack Include Nike Metal Flash

How To Install:

1 – Run Installer from “PES Professionals Patch V3 Install.exe” And Select Your PES 2016 Directory
** Don’t Delete others “.pak” files .. They necessary to complete install
2 – Open Your PES 2016 Directory and open “PES Professionals Patch Selector 2016.exe”
3 – Select (Offline/Online) Mode and Enjoy :)


AIO = no previous version needed.

Credits : Hosamalfars, Shieka facemaker, Elmodamer, Mohamed Triki, Memo Patch Maker, Mahmoud Ibrahim Fç?, Sameh Momen, Estarlen Silva, Donyavia, Hawke, Txak, kelvinchan327, Tunizizou, fifacana, JesusHrs.

Patch Previews :

Latest Winter Transfers

Original Classic Players

La Liga Classic Players

Premier League Classic Players

SERIE A Classic Players

Tatto Mode



NEW European teams kit

Updated Kits

New Stadiums Turf

New Stadiums Preview

Updated Coach

Selector Preview

Selector Exclusive Features

Some Selector Room Sponsors Preview

Selector Scoarboards Preview

Some Selector Referee Kits Preview

Some Selector Start Screens

Al AHLY SC Faces Preview

ZAMALEK Faces Preview

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  1. If you can put the download in a decent mirror, i will download your patch, i will not wait 3 days for 1 patch

    • you can’t understand? AIO = no previous version needed. JUST READ IT, YOU ARE LAZY LIKE A PIG, so we don’t need to keep the previous version

  2. Great Work!
    Can you upload it on Mirros like uploaded or zippyshare.. its too low with arabload…

    Thank you

  3. Slow server for such a big download with too many adds before reaching the link, after saying it´s mediafire in the description. You should use better servers if you you use so many addlinks.

  4. Do not work. I installed the patch how you wrote and I have black screen when I star the game and nothing happens. I have installed net framework 4.5

  5. Excelent Work But Premier League Score Boards and Sky HD appears in others league; and missing a Lot of Balls of Previous Patch I have all Instaled

  6. Hey, i absolutely loved the patch, but there is one problem which is, whenever you try to change the boots for your player in Become a Legend as well as in the Edit mode, and when u scroll down to change it to Nike for example, the game crashes. pls try to fix tht pls and ty. once again nice patch

  7. sorry friend not understand something up where you say how to install say not erase files from another pack down and say q does not need other versions ? You need or do not need previous versions

    • I’m sorry you can’t do this in V3
      I recommened you download Estarlen Silva Stadium Pack and replace them with patch Stadiums

  8. Estoy usando el PTE parche, si instalo este parche pierdo todo lo hecho? Ejemplo liga master?. Ultima camiseta de boca juniors 2016?

    • You can Install it on any patch
      you will not losing your Master League
      But I recommend you Start A new ML
      To enjoy all patch features
      * Please Speak English in future

  9. the patch is very good thank you so much for it Mohamed :) ..but why can’t i add new player faces to the game..i use your Dpfilelist generator but nothing happen in the game..can i know why?!

  10. Great patch, a complete one. This patch together with PTE are the best. Anyway, can u tell me how can i change the pitch.. easy to add a different pitch mode. Great work, keep it up. :)

  11. Hi there, is there a gameplay patch added in this patch? cuz when i play it the game feels faster than normal speed. is there a way to fix it? cuz i dont wanna play faster gameplay. ty, great patch tho. keep it up. :)

  12. Hi Alaa .. the gameplay is different from your previous patch v2 , and it don’t like other patches
    like pte .. the game speed is abnormal ..please fix it so i need your patch and like it

  13. so you go from one stinking spyware infested site to another well known spyware infested site to host a link you claim is on should be forced to eat pork until you explode you priceless prick

    • shut the fuck up and be thankful someone is even making patches for you, took me less than an hour to download all parts from mediafire just be patient besides you’re getting something for free so don’t be a little bitch.

  14. Thank you for the mediafire links and thank you so much for an amazing patch, it’s working perfectly for me without any issues. I appreciate it a lot considering PES is an unfinished product at launch and without you patchers we certainly wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game to the fullest :)

  15. Great patch, thank you for your time and effort.

    I have a small issue that I am not sure if anyone else has experienced. Whether I edit the stats of some players or create a copy from a base of someone like “Thierry Henry” everything works but when I power down and later restart my computer and then the game all the changes I made are gone.

    Any advice?

    Many Thanks


    • When you open selector and click on offline mode
      it generate new edit000000 file
      copy it in another place to keep your changes

  16. Can you use original Picth from Konami? I don’t like to use your SweetFx.
    Make original Locker Room for Masterleague too.

    This is great patch

  17. When I turn online and I want to change a player’s boots , game crash…why? pes2016_2117156_crash_2016_3_12T14_47_32C0.mdmp


  19. CRASH when i try to change boots. FIX SOON PLEASE!!!
    and i’ve notice that i’m not the only one with this problem. i have applied the patch on a CLEAN install of PES.

  20. hello.

    When will be the next uptade? Could you put these Arsenal player faces in the next update? Thanks!


  21. Hi. Please could you make all Arsenal faces, and put them into the next update? With real face looks. I would like to have the following faces
    I would pay for it if you need it!

    Daniel Crowley
    Stefan O Connor
    Isaac Hayden
    Gedion Zelalem
    Yaya Sanogo
    Jeff Reine-Adelaide
    Maitland Niles
    Ben Sheaf
    Ismael Bennacer
    Christopher Willock

  22. Simply amazing. I would have paid for this patch. Great work.
    Could you pls make a good crowd patch? Thats the only thing thats left to be worked on. Thanks

  23. some player doubled like Gyan,Emenike,Barrios,Ayew,Reus and many other. some of them are in free agents and also their own team . Plus there s a “Dummy” player when i try to delete game stops working i had to reinstall my game pls exlain me how to install and fix double player etc.

  24. Great work once dude, but, why in jersey juventus no patch scudetto and coppa ? whether you have a link for fix it? thanks before.. :)

  25. hi, first i wanna say thank you for your patch, its good and i’m very enjoy it. I just wanna know if we can change the scoreboard and room sponsor back to default?

  26. Mod very cool
    But Leah appeared a problem
    I found the Egyptian league players names wrong ..
    And revealed Option File but came Baaz
    A second problem that the balls are not complete and did not show all of them
    And the problem of entry to adjust shoes to play the game works and graduated Airor
    What is the solution and I hope you reply

  27. I have installed several times this patch but i still got the same problem,those legends from PL,SERIA A,LA LEAGUE are missing from the patch.I got just emblem but no players in.Help !!!

  28. Any idea whens the newest version coming out cos apparently this version doesnt work with the new data pack . :(

  29. like 3 gb, but its useless with this new data pack. and the mirrors are very slows…

    better wait for update and better mirrors. =)

  30. Those mirrors are a joke my friend! Please upload the patch to 4shared files or something user friendly, or torrent.
    As you can see everyone is complaining. Thanks

  31. Error en el estadio del bayern munich esta sin publico en uefa champions league y error en el estadio del manchester city tambien en UCL . Alguna solucion? . . .

  32. Error bayern munich Stadium this without public in UEFA Champions League and error in the stadium of Manchester City also in UCL . Any solution? .

  33. Of recent I encountered a problem with the selector ….I don’t know what to do. Either the games refuses to start (showing an error message ) and I have to shut d game down from task manager. It’s like I’ll remove the selector entirely…? Any answers or help?

  34. My favorite patch easily. Love the aligned stadiums and previews.

    Only thing I would ask for is a default for room sponsors and the scoreboard. Please continue the good work.

  35. i got a problem in installing especially after i choose the folder location and press next the program stops working

  36. If i’ve been installed another version of PES Patch (a.k.a PTE Patch), Should i Removed PTE First or not?

  37. does this patch not data pack 3 but data pack 2 but the version is 1.03.2 is this right my installation sir ??