2016 Classic Patch Version 0.5 by Lagun-2

PES-Patch 2016 Classic Patch 0.5 by Lagun-2

Version 0.5 Features :

– New logos teams
– New logos competition
– 20 new teams (Spanish league)
– new kits (thanks to Buffon99 and bayunengk11)
– fix collars by Buffon99
– 7 new coaches (thanks to dirk)
– 7 new nationality coaches
– 32 new faces coaches (thanks to dirk)
– Fix relink the colors of the kits
– Fix kits by Buffon99
– 46 teams with kits (many also have a third kit)
– New sleeves Badges by Buffon99

The formations are unordered in version 0.5.


Video Preview :


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  1. hallo lagun-2, i love your patch and i love clasic teams.One question, there is no edit in your patch. why?and how the patch works without edit file?

  2. All spanish teams have face faces… also some stats and positions of players are totally wrong. Ball Winning is overrated in 90% of the players, a regular striker has 85-87, WTF. Also the positions are all over the place, Ashley Cole as Right Back, Henry with RB position for some reason, etc.

  3. i cant install this patch, in fact the only patch i wasnt enable to install, getting info, the versions are different no matter what i try, can any1 help??
    i did download all the parts, but still no success.