PES 2016 Kuyipika Gameplay Patch v1.0 Released 15.03.16

Download PES2016 Kuyipika Gameplay Patch Version 1.0

With this first version:
– Reworked all things related to ball physics
– Better speed of the game and the GK ability to stop shoots
– Improved AI movement and positioning


Download and copy to /Data Folder \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 \ Data.
Full compatibility with all patches and versions

Credits to:

– 改善AIの動きと位置決め

ダウンロードおよび/データフォルダ\ワールドサッカーウイニングイレブン2016 \データにコピーします。

-Kiju -WO

Respect the work and peace.


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  1. I think the gameplay is suitable for me, but there is one that I think is still lacking, is the referee, hopefully next updates can fix

  2. Just for the sake of truth..the files here posted from this guy are not gameplaywise at all. So what change do you espect?..Pure placebo….dt00, dt30 and so on don’t do nothing to gameplay because it is data not related to gameplay…this is total fake…100%!!

      • How can you port a console gameplay to pc using files that do nothing to gameplay in pc? As Michael said is a fake. There is only one data file who do something to gameplay and is none of those.

  3. I thought mvp gameplay still the best than the others gameplay. I’m not just saying, since so many gameplay patch out there still mvp gameplay the best. You guys should try that, it’s much realistic. Maybe the modders should try it and make some improvements based on that, it doesn’t mean you steal his work but make some innovative way.

  4. gk won’t run forward to close shooting angle.also wont run forward to get loose ball. gameplay is the best. throughball is very good, interception also good but player body balance and agility is too much

  5. good gameplay ah???…i wonder if you know what you download or if you look sometimes what have you downloaded?…well i tell you what…this (as i told before) is not 100 but 1 million per cent fake…i just wonder what moderator do here…they dont control what the people post? you can carry on downloading this crap and say…very good gameplay…this must be improved and so on…oh my God…what a joke….

  6. you are just free to use this….gameplay?…and get cheated from this guy….i wonder what moderators do here…they just let post anything without making controls???….this is 1 million per cent fake….and there is still people who believe this….thing…. and make good comments too!!!!!…oh my God ..i cannot believe this…..they can give you just anything …and you are going to say…good gameplay….why you dont look first and find out what you download???

  7. its many times i try to post comment but why you dont publish it?just be serious…and say this is total fake….

  8. i wonder what moderators do here…Do they control what they post?…good gameplay ah?look first what you download and than talk…