PES 2016 Gameplay 3.5 by Harlock Release 02 March 2016

Download PES2016 Gameplay v3.5 by Harlock

Fixed bugs of the previous version 3.4 !!!
Improved fouls and referees !!!
Fixed Goalkeepers !!!

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I wish you all Gamer3 Gamer

Bye-Bye! Salut

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    • ciao Paolo, prova la versione alpha 3 di Lorenzo su OIC.secondo me la meglio che c’e’ adesso.La trovi sulla discussione di mvp77 nelle pagine finali…con quella i portieri sono davvero super.Oppure prova i gameplays di mvp77(in particolare ti consiglio exe versione hard e data 18 hardcore3)meglio di quello in giro non c’e’.Anchio sono fissato sul gameplay che deve essere quanto piu’ simile al calcio giocato e sono giunto alla conclusione che pes 2015 con tutti i suoi difetti e’ molto superiore a questo schifo di pes 2016.Ho ripreso una master col pes 2015 e le partite me le sudo tutte per vincere o anche per pareggiare. non un gioco arcade del cacchio come pes 2016.per gli amanti della simulazione calcistica e’ l’ unica cosa da fare…in attesa del nuovo pes 2017…spero che questi consigli ti servano a qualcosa..ciao

    • you are of the very few who have the situation clear..totally agree.just look at the servers he use…just to make money…. for gameplay patches exactly the same as vanilla version (if not worst) posted with exe not working and so on….the simple truth is this pes 2016 gameplay is unfixable…better skip to pes 2015, a lot more real in terms of football simulation game…but this guy…please stop posting fake gameplay patches only for the sake of money, i know you will never admit but its simply true…

    • mvp77 will not make any update. last ones are the harcore dt18_win to combine with 3 exe (hard, logical, hibrid) but any of mvp77 gameplay you try is way way better than this thing here…

  1. There is a change, because playing on top player is the same as amature, and this is not goot. please fix it!

  2. There is a change, because playing on top player is the same as amature, and this is not good. please fix it!

  3. Can someone please recommend the best gameplay patch for Goalkeepers? Sick of seeing keepers making amazing saves outside the box, then becoming incapable to stop low shot tap ins.

  4. Tried Yair 2.3 And I found it to be the worse patch yet. El clasico (Ai v Ai) Barcelona scored 13 goals in 2 matches. Low shots in the 18 yard box are so overpowered.