PES 2016 Etihad Stadium Final Version by Vangheljs

Download PES2016 Etihad Final Version by Vangheljs Preview PES16 Etihad Stadium Final

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added DR mode and adboards.
Sorry for a little defect in the left stand but a trasparent object (ONLY IN DR MODE) appears not transparent and I cannot solve the problem!!!

Base 3D model and textures by FIFA 15;
3D model and textures improvements and lightmaps by vangheljs;
banners by zirko and vangheljs;
adboards by PesGalaxy patch 2016.

MASTER SXSXSX for his convertion tool.

PES 2016 Etihad Stadium Final Version by Vangheljs 3
PES 2016 Etihad Stadium Final Version by Vangheljs 4
PES 2016 Etihad Stadium Final Version by Vangheljs 5

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  1. Please help to add it to the stadium pack Estarlen Silva!! , I want this stadium, I love Etihad Stadium!! , i need together to Stadium pack Estarlen Silva and do not disappear the other stadiums. Please help me!!. Thanks, pep. (sorry for my english)

  2. how to add this stadium in PTE 4.1 y dont replace the Nou Camp I add this stadium to númber 36 this stadium is amazing please includes in PTE NEXT update

  3. Hi Adrian. You can’t put the FINAL version if you still have some mistakes. First of all, the stadium is again not compatible with Estralen Silva Stadium pack, and second, when you choose night in stadium settings, the lights on the stadium have mistakes, some weird shapes. This mistake is also on stadium Olimpic (Rome) in Estralen Silva’s pack. I appreciate your hard work and please, try to solve this problems which I wrote. Best regards ;)

  4. Just delete the folder Pitch (common\bg\model\bg\pitch) and it’ll be compatible with estarlen silva pack
    I made it ID 005 to replace Wembley stadium … and I made Wembley ID 013 to replace metropole arena … that way i’ll have wembley for community sheild and fa cup ^^

    • extract the cpk using the tool “PES File Explorer” … change the st002 to your ID .. for exemple: st012 then compress the folder using the tool “CriPackedFileMaker”

      • hi Kartouna please help I delete the folder Pitch and change the id the pitch looks grate but the ground in sides look whithe how fix this problem please help

  5. Can you please put the link for “PES File Explorer”? I found one from Jenkey, but it’s from 2014. I am not sure if it’s compatible with PES 2016. Thank you :)

  6. I use pte 4.1 and estarlen silva stadium pack.stadium is nice but the crowd is gone.where the hell did they go?lol.empty to fix?pls helpp!!

  7. Im using pte 4.1 & estarlen sliva stadium nice but wer is the crowd?oni a few came to watch the that a bug?if yes,how to fix it then?help pls!!really nice stadium

  8. I use the pte 4.1 and original stadiums 35 but I delete the folder Pitch and change the id to other this work but a little problem ground side looks white how to solve this problem please help