PES 2016 Converter v1.1.0 by Rasuna

A fully working C# library used to convert Option File from PS3, XBOX to PC format, and vice versa.

PES 2016 Converter is a managed-DLL library written in C#, that enables users to convert any save files (known as, Option File) generated by Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to a desired platform. Available for PC, XBOX, PS3 platform.

As we might have noticed, that so far, any kind of third-party editors for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 that are available in the world, are compatible for PC platform only. Console users that might be interested in modding or editing their Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will find it very difficult, since they have to do it manually in-game. So with the existence of this library, I hope that developers could make a multi-platform editors for Pro Evolution Soccer in the future.

Changelog 1.1 : added full support for PS3 platform on my github: pes16converter.


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